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Advertising @ www.acad.jobs / www.math-jobs.com

At our sites your advert reaches exactly the clients that you wish to contact. As we only allow a small amount of advertising at our job board, your advert gets full attention. Besides job posting and banners our sites are excellent for general company branding and advertising:

  • Recruiting Events (2,000 USD per event)
  • Consulting (200 USD per year)
  • Conferences and Courses (200 USD per event)
  • Books and Journals (200 USD per year)
  • Master- and PhD-Programs (200 USD per year)
  • Software (500 USD per year)
  • more (please contact us)

The cost is 4,000 USD per year for general company branding.

We need your text of up to 1000 characters and either a link to your domain or a PDF which will be uploaded to our site and linked. Your advert will then appear amongst the job listings in all suitable categories, including monthly refresh and mailing to all subscribers.

Contact: www.acad.jobs/Contact (Managing Director)

What will it look like?