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General Terms of Business - acad.jobs AG

§ 1 Preliminary Remarks

  1. Please review these General Terms of Business and conditions before using this web site. By using this site, you agree to the following terms. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not, under any circumstances, use the site.
  2. Please note the following: Firstly, all suggestions to improve our services are highly appreciated. Should you feel that any employee/representative of our company has made a mistake, please first contact that employee. Then, should you remain unsatisfied, please contact the managing director of acad.jobs AG, Dr. Christoph Luchsinger with subject line "Complaint about your services" and then please allow us three working days to respond. If we do not reply to you within those three working days, please call us at +41 43 243 15 08. Our address is:

    acad.jobs AG
    Dangelstrasse 6
    8038 Zürich
  3. These general terms of business apply to all of acad.jobs AG, including all of the following domains: www.luchsinger-mathematics.ch, www.acad.jobs, www.acad.jobs, www.math-jobs.com, www.tesla-jobs.com, www.turing-jobs.com and www.nobel-jobs.com as well as any affiliated domains that we own, especially country domains.
  4. When talking about our clients below, by the word "company", we also imply any governmental agency, international organization, university, school, non-profit-organisation and any other type of legal entity.
  5. Any agreement which is in conflict with these general terms of business is only valid if it is in written form.
  6. acad.jobs AG may modify these conditions, and your use of the acad.jobs AG sites after acad.jobs AG publishes changes to these conditions and your use of this site thereafter means that you accept the revised conditions.
  7. acad.jobs AG does not represent that the content of any of its websites may be lawfully accessed from countries outside of Switzerland or by foreign nationals wherever located. Access to the content of acad.jobs AG’s websites may be illegal when accessed by certain persons or in certain countries. If you access these sites outside of Switzerland, or if you are a foreign national, you access these sites at your own risk, and you are solely responsible for compliance with the laws of any other countries that might be applicable to you.
  8. These conditions shall be governed by and in accordance with the laws of Switzerland. You agree that any legal action or inequity arising out of or relating in any manner to the acad.jobs AG website or these conditions shall be filed only in the courts located in Zurich, Switzerland, and that you submit to the exclusive personal jurisdiction of such courts for all purposes hereunder.
  9. If any of these conditions shall be determined to be unlawful, against public policy or void for any reason, it is agreed that such provision shall be deemed severed from the rest of the conditions and shall not be made a part of this agreement.
  10. This agreement represents the entire agreement between us relating to the subject matter of the foregoing and following and cannot be modified except as provided for hereinabove or following or in a writing signed by an authorized representative of acad.jobs AG.
  11. Please read instructions regarding individual identity protection at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Identity_theft#Individual_identity_protection .
  12. Copyright and other relevant intellectual property rights exist on all text relating to acad.jobs AG's services and the full content of our websites.

§ 2 Conditions

  1. By default, invoices should be paid within 10 days.
  2. Purchases can not be canceled and reimbursement of payments is not possible.
  3. If you attend one of our courses, the fee must be paid in advance. Should you not be able to attend, 80 % of the fee will be refunded, provided that acad.jobs AG can fill your place with another participant. Should a course not take place, the entire fee will be refunded.
  4. Should companies advertise on our sites through an intermediary office, the company guarantees us payment should the intermediary office not pay the fee.

§ 3 Liability

  1. A portion of the acad.jobs AG website provides a service that permits candidates to post their resumes and permits employers to advertise job openings. acad.jobs AG does not necessarily screen, edit, modify or censor the employer listings or the candidates’ resumes for direct online postings. acad.jobs AG may screen, edit, modify and censor ads. However, after a job or resume is posted, acad.jobs AG reserves the right to remove a job or resume for any reason. acad.jobs AG has no control over the actual hiring discussions or other aspects of any transaction between employers and candidates. Accordingly, acad.jobs AG makes no representation regarding, and has no liability arising from, the safety, legality, longevity, quality or environment of jobs offered, the actions of any employers in the interview and decision-making process (including, without limitation, inappropriate comments, harassment, discrimination, physical violence, or any other illegal activity). Nor does acad.jobs AG review or endorse any part of the resumes posted, the truth or accuracy of any employment listings, the ability of employers to offer opportunities described in their listings or the ability of candidates to fill such opportunities. No endorsement or warranty is made by acad.jobs AG with respect to any content posted by employers or candidates.
  2. The resume database is reserved for companies who are evaluating and hiring professionals for their own companies. Third party agencies must cleary state that they are a third party agency. Our database is not intended to be used by companies and/or individuals for marketing purposes. Misuse of our site may result in your database access being inactivated with no refund given and legal action taken against you.
  3. E-mail addresses will not be given to third parties. Nevertheless, e-mail addresses could accidentally be seen by third parties through technical or human failure (however, as far as we know, this has never occurred before). acad.jobs AG shall in no event be held liable for any indirect, accidental or consequential damages that may occur should e-mail addresses accidentally be viewed by third parties.
  4. You shall not publish, transmit, or distribute or in any way use or exploit any information contained on this site in order to obtain employment offers for anyone other than yourself (in the case of candidates) or to obtain employees for any company other than your own (in the case of companies). Further, you shall not publish, transmit or distribute or in any way use or exploit any information contained on this site in a manner that is inconsistent with any rules, laws or regulations of any federal, state, local authority, tribunal or administrative agency. You agree not to use this site to transmit or otherwise make available any content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, tortious, defamatory, invasive of another's privacy or otherwise objectionable.
  5. acad.jobs AG makes no representation or warranty of any kind concerning reliability or accuracy of information provided directly or indirectly on or through acad.jobs AG or its related sites. All information is provided on an "as-is" basis. Users of this site do so at their own risk.
  6. Companies listing employment opportunities are solely responsible to assure that the content of their advertising is true and accurate and conforms to all applicable laws, standards and regulations and that the listing company has all necessary authorization for the placement of the entire content of its advertising within the site. acad.jobs AG is not liable to any candidates for any failure by any company to comply with this obligation.
  7. acad.jobs AG is not responsible for the accuracy, timeliness, completeness or removal by a company of any employment information or opportunities that are placed by said company or of any resume information posted by a candidate on the acad.jobs AG website.
  8. acad.jobs AG cannot and will not be held accountable in the event that a virus is transmitted in an email sent by anyone employed by or sending an email on behalf of acad.jobs AG or for a virus that may be contained within a file that is uploaded through or downloaded from a website that is owned and operated by acad.jobs AG.
  9. acad.jobs AG makes no representation that the acad.jobs AG website or sites that may be linked to it are free of error. You must evaluate and bear all risks associated with the use of this site and any content contained on the site, including any reliance on accuracy, completeness or usefulness of such content. You understand that acad.jobs AG is not for any reason responsible for any error in the transmission of information which you post on this site.
  10. By using this site, you acknowledge that there are inherent risks, including without limitation the risk of violence, personal injury or other physical harm, when transacting business with persons unknown to you. You also acknowledge that acad.jobs AG does not verify the identity of any individuals posting their own content on the site and that they may not be who they purport to be or may otherwise be acting under false pretense. User content may also be inaccurate, harmful, offensive or in violation of policies governing user content set forth in these terms and conditions. It may also be deceptively labeled. Each user agrees that it is his or her own responsibility to exercise caution and to act prudently when using the facilities provided by the acad.jobs AG website.
  11. acad.jobs AG does not monitor or review the content of other party's websites which are linked to from this website. Opinions expressed or material appearing on such websites are not necessarily shared or endorsed by us and we should not be regarded as the publisher of such opinion or material. Please be aware that we are not responsible for the privacy practices, or content, of these sites. We encourage our users to be aware that we are not responsible for the privacy practices, or content, of these sites. We encourage our users to be aware that when they leave our site to read the privacy statements of these sites. You should evaluate the security and trustworthiness of any other site connected to our sites or accessed through our sites yourself, before disclosing any personal information to them. acad.jobs AG will not accept any resposibility for any loss or damage in whatever manner, howsoever caused, resulting from your disclosure to third parties of personal information.
  12. acad.jobs AG shall under no circumstances be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, punitive or consequential damages that may result from the use of this site, including, without limitation, use or reliance upon any information contained on this site, interruptions, errors, defects, omissions, non-delivery of information, disclosure of communications or any other failure of performance of any kind.
  13. You agree to release acad.jobs AG, its members, directors, and employees from all claims, causes of action, lawsuits, liability, damages or other responsibility, known and unknown, anticipated or unanticipated, from the beginning of time until the present, arising out of your use of any acad.jobs AG website or the content contained therein. If you are a resident of California, you hereby agree to waive section 1542 of the California Civil Code which provides as follows: "A general release does not extend to claims which the creditor does not know or suspect to exist in his favor at the time of executing the release, which if known by him must have materially affected his settlement with the debtor." If you live in the EU, you will not take any action against us should any part of our website or action taken be in conflict with the German "Allgemeine Gleichbehandlungsgesetz" (AGG) and any other such regulation in the EU or other countries.
  14. You agree to indemnify acad.jobs AG, its members, directors, and employees and hold them harmless from any cost, claim, liability or expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees and related costs) arising out of or relating in any manner to your (i) violation of this agreement or (ii) use of the acad.jobs AG website.

§ 4 Insurance

  1. If you attend one of our courses, you must have valid and paid health and accident insurance.