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Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg; Oldenburg, Niedersachsen, Germany

     Deadline: February 8, 2023 | Published: January 26, 2023   15:57

Duties: performing mesoscale simulations and large-eddy simulations for a wind turbine site in the German Bight; deriving and weighting predictors for predictands in the LES data from the mesoscale data (forming the analog ensemble) or developing another AI-based method; the application of the developed AI-based method to long time series of mesoscale simulations; the validation of the developed AI-based method; presenting your results at project meetings and conferences; supporting teaching and other general activities of the working group
Requirements: a qualifying university degree (diploma/master) in meteorology, oceanography, physics or in a similar field; aptitude and willingness to pursue a PhD; profound knowledge in using a large-eddy or mesoscale simulation model; very good communication skills, ability to work in a team and very good English skills

University of Oslo; Oslo, Østlandet, Norway

     Deadline: February 8, 2023 | Published: January 26, 2023   15:55

Duties: Look for application of the theory of tensor category and quantum groups to problems related to topological quantum computation; Work in close collaboration with researchers in operator algebras, many-body theory, and quantum information theory
Requirements: By the time of appointment, the candidate must hold a degree equivalent to a Norwegian doctoral degree in mathematics or theoretical physics

University of Alberta (U of A); Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

     Published: January 26, 2023   15:46

Duties: The Department of Science at the Augustana Faculty of the University of Alberta invites applications for a full-time, tenure-track position in Mathematics at the rank of Assistant Professor with an expected starting date of July 1, 2023
Requirements: PhD in Mathematics or related discipline; Record of or demonstrated potential for effective and engaging teaching at the undergraduate level; Existing research program with clear potential for future growth

Imperial College London (ICL); London, United Kingdom

     Deadline: February 15, 2023 | Published: January 26, 2023   15:44

Duties: You will identify, develop and implement suitable techniques for the collation and analysis of epidemiological data for malaria. Specifically, you will develop novel mechanistic models of malaria transmission and parameterise them using historical surveillance data. You will use a variety of statistical and machine learning methods to explore the relationship between mosquito bionomics and climatic variables
Requirements: Hold a PhD with a strong quantitative component; including biology, zoology, genetics, biochemistry, biomedical sciences, economics, mathematics, physics, statistics or a closely related discipline; Experience in epidemiological data analysis for infectious diseases

Universität Augsburg; Augsburg, Bayern, Germany

     Deadline: February 28, 2023 | Published: January 26, 2023   15:37

Duties: Inbetriebnahme und Bedienung innovativer Roboterzellen/-anlagen. Inklusive Einrichten und Programmieren der Industrieroboter und Anlagensteuerungen; Technische Betreuung der roboterbasierten Produktions- und Prüfzellen im KI-Produktionsnetzwerk; Durchführung von mechanischen sowie softwaretechnischen Anpassungen roboterbasierter Fertigungszellen. Dies umfasst unter anderem auch Werkzeugwechsel und -integration am Roboter sowie die Integration zusätzlicher Peripherie wie Initiatoren, Prüfsysteme und Aktoren
Requirements: Abgeschlossenes Studium im Bereich der Robotik/Elektrotechnik/Mechatronik (Bachelor/Master) oder vergleichbare Qualifikation; Theoretische Kenntnisse und praktische Erfahrungen in der (on-/offline) Programmierung und dem Handling von Industrierobotern; Vertiefte Anwenderkenntnisse in mindestens einer relevanten Programmiersprache, wie z.B. C++, Visual Basic oder MATLAB; Fundiertes Wissen in Sensorik, Robotermechanik, Steuer-, Mess- und Regelungstechnik; Erfahrung mit industriellen Maschinenschnittstellen, wie z.B. Profinet, Profibus, Ethernet oder CANOpen

Indiana University (IU); Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

     Published: January 26, 2023   15:36

Duties: The Department of Mathematics at Indiana University Bloomington invites applications for full-time Lecturer positions beginning Fall 2023. The initial appointments are for three years. These are intended to be long-term positions and there is a promotion track, through the rank of Senior Lecturer, followed by Teaching Professor. These are 10-month positions. There are also opportunities to apply for paid summer teaching and curriculum development work
Requirements: A Ph.D. in the mathematical sciences or mathematics education, earned by the time of appointment, is strongly preferred

Governors State University (GSU); University Park, Illinois, United States

     Published: January 26, 2023   15:34

Duties: Governors State University, a minority serving institution, invites applications for a full-time, tenure-track faculty appointment as Assistant Professor in Mathematics beginning in August 2023. The successful candidate will teach undergraduate and graduate mathematics and statistics courses
Requirements: Ph.D. in Mathematics or ABD in the final stages of completion in Mathematics

Syracuse University (SU); Syracuse, New York, United States

     Deadline: February 27, 2023 | Published: January 26, 2023   15:33

Duties: The Department of Mathematics at Syracuse University invites applications for a non-tenure track, full-time teaching position with administrative responsibilities. The position includes teaching 6 courses per year and administering the calculus sequence
Requirements: PhD in mathematics is required. Candidates should have a strong track record in teaching mathematics to undergraduates

Indiana University (IU); Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

     Published: January 26, 2023   15:19

Duties: The Department of Mathematics at Indiana University Bloomington invites applications for full-time Visiting Lecturer positions beginning Fall 2023
Requirements: A Ph.D. in the mathematical sciences or mathematics education, earned by the time of appointment, is strongly preferred

Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e.V. (Fraunhofer); Berlin, Germany

     Deadline: February 28, 2023 | Published: January 26, 2023   14:59

Department: HHI - Nachrichtentechnik, Heinrich-Hertz-Institut
Duties: Mitarbeit an der Forschung zu Interaktiver AI; Implementierung und Evaluation von Algorithmen; Mitarbeit in Forschungs- und Anwendungsprojekten
Requirements: Erfolgreich abgeschlossenes wissenschaftliches Hochschulstudium (Master, Diplom) im Bereich Elektrotechnik, Informatik, Physik, Mathematik, Kognitionswissenschaften oder ähnliche Fachrichtungen; Fähigkeit zur eigenverantwortlichen Zusammenarbeit im Team und eine gute Selbstorganisation; Kenntnisse im Maschinellen Lernen, insbesondere Deep Learning

University of Southampton (Soton); Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom

     Deadline: March 7, 2023 | Published: January 26, 2023   14:53

Duties: The AFM research group is comprised of experts in theoretical, computational and experimental methods and our aim is to provide an environment in which these different approaches can be combined and focused on particular topics of practical importance. You will join a vibrant team of other postdoctoral researchers and graduate students working in different areas of aerospace and aeronautics, covering the entire spectrum of fidelity levels
Requirements: You will have or be close to completing a PhD in computational aerodynamics or aeroelasticity of fixed/rotary wing aircraft. Experience with developing aerodynamic models and methods for fixed/rotary wing aircraft is critical. Experience with SU2, or other aerodynamic analysis tools (medium to high fidelity preferred), and multibody tools, being comfortable with analysis tools such as MATLAB, Python, and high-performance computing are highly desirable. Strong communication and language skills, as evidenced by publications and presentations, are essential

BioNTech SE; Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States

     Published: January 26, 2023   14:02

Duties: As a bioinformatics software engineer member of a computational biology team, be a key contributor into turning research prototypes of bioinformatics algorithms developed by other team members into robust and efficient production-grade R&D computational pipelines and small interactive applications in the cloud environment; Help maintain and improve computing and data management environment
Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline and 2 plus years’ experience in a software development (can be concurrent with the degree acquisition); Expertise in developing robust, efficient and maintainable packages and distributed pipelines in Python or R in a Linux environment using workflow execution languages such as NextFlow, CWL or WDL; Experience with implementing UI of moderate complexity using R Shiny, Python Dash or JavaScript; Solid knowledge of good software engineering practices (Git version control workflows; automated testing harnesses; containerized deployment; continuous integration; deployment)

Utrecht University; Utrecht, Netherlands

     Deadline: February 25, 2023 | Published: January 26, 2023   13:58

Duties: The ocean’s biodiversity supports the livelihoods of over three billion people, providing vital services, including food and nutrient cycling. The new NECCTON project external linkinvolves 20 partners from across Europe and will enable the European Copernicus Marine Service (CMEMS) to deliver novel products that inform marine biodiversity conservation and food resources management. This is achieved by fusing new data into innovative ecosystem models that integrate biological and abiotic components, habitats, and stressors of marine ecosystems
Requirements: a PhD in physics, computer science, applied mathematics, computational biology, or similar field; strong skills in python programming; motivation to cooperate within a dynamic, multidisciplinary and international research team; an excellent level of written and spoken English

University of Copenhagen (UCPH); Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark

     Deadline: March 5, 2023 | Published: January 26, 2023   13:56

Duties: Develop and lead an innovative research program of international quality; Teach and examine students at all levels including lecturing undergraduate and postgraduate courses, supervising students, and contributing to curriculum development work. Act as a coach and role model through excellent practice and mentoring of junior colleagues; Contribute to the promotion of equality, diversity and inclusivity in Physics; Undertake appropriate administrative tasks in support of the Department’s activities
Requirements: A PhD in a relevant area or equivalent; An established international reputation and expertise in a new or rapidly advancing research area; Ability to expand the research portfolio of existing groups into new areas; A track record of securing external research funding in open competition

Syracuse University (SU); Syracuse, New York, United States

     Published: January 26, 2023   13:54

Duties: The Department of Mathematics at Syracuse University invites applications for a non-tenure track, full-time teaching position with administrative responsibilities. The position includes teaching 6 courses per year and administering the calculus sequence
Requirements: PhD in mathematics is required. Candidates should have a strong track record in teaching mathematics to undergraduates

Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e.V. (Fraunhofer); Dresden, Germany

     Published: January 26, 2023   13:51

Department: IWU - Werkzeugmaschinen und Umformtechnik
Duties: Unterstützung in der System- und Prototypenentwicklung, -konstruktion, -umsetzung und; validierung; Eigenständige Planung und Durchführung von Versuchen und deren anschliessende Auswertung; Ermittlung von Werkstoff- und Bauteilkennwerten
Requirements: Studium Maschinenbau, Mechatronik, Werkstoffwissenschaft, o.ä; Selbstständiges und zielstrebiges wissenschaftliches und praktisches Arbeiten; Handwerkliches Geschick und Experimentierfreude; Konstruktionserfahrung wünschenswert; Kenntnisse im Umgang mit Materialprüfmaschinen und der experimentellen Versuchsdurchführung und; auswertung

Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e.V. (Fraunhofer); Kaiserslautern, Germany

     Published: January 26, 2023   13:49

Department: ITWM - Techno- und Wirtschaftsmathematik
Duties: Viele Quantenalgorithmen, wie z. B. Variationsalgorithmen, sind hybrid und teilen das Problem in einen klassischen und einen Quantenanteil auf, daher ist eine effektive Integration von Quanten- und klassischen Computern entscheidend. Sie kümmern sich um die Integration von Quantensystemen in HPC-Clustern und verbessern die klassischen Teile der Quantenalgorithmen
Requirements: Ein erfolgreich abgeschlossenes Hochschulstudium der Mathematik, Informatik oder Naturwissenschaften; Interesse an der Forschung und Entwicklung auf dem Gebiet des Hochleistungsrechnens und des Quantencomputings; Erfahrung mit der HPC-Programmierung und/oder Cloud Integration; Fundierter mathematischer Hintergrund; Erste Programmiererfahrung auf dem Gebiet des Quantencomputings; Sehr gute Kenntnisse mindestens einer der klassischen Programmiersprachen (C, C++ or Python); Erfahrung mit Versionskontrolle (wie git, svn); Gute Beherrschung der englischen Sprache in Wort und Schrift

University of Florida (UF); Gainesville, Florida, United States

     Published: January 26, 2023   13:36

Duties: A postdoctoral researcher position is available for highly ambitious, independent and motivated candidates to work with a highly collaborative and dynamic environment on biomedical informatics
Requirements: Ph.D. degree in biomedical informatics, bioinformatics, computer science, electronic/biomedical engineering, mathematics or related majors

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (N.C. A&T); Greensboro, North Carolina, United States

     Published: January 26, 2023   13:23

Duties: The Department of Biology at North Carolina A&T State University, College of Science and Technology, invites applications for a tenure track faculty position in the field of Neurobiology or Neuroscience, starting preferably August 2023
Requirements: Applicants should have a Ph.D. in a relevant discipline and an outstanding research record. Rank will be commensurate with qualifications and experience

Pierce College; Lakewood, Washington, United States

     Deadline: February 20, 2023 | Published: January 26, 2023   12:29

Duties: Designing and teaching a variety of courses in the department, in a manner that promotes Black and Brown excellence; Creating race-conscious course assessments and evaluations, assessing data, and engaging in continuous improvement of courses based on that analysis in order to advance student achievement of outcomes, success in subsequent courses, and impact on retention, graduation, and successful transition to employment or further education; Continuously innovating inclusive pedagogy and active learning experiences (campus, online, hybrid) in response to assessment and evidence/data analysis; Demonstrating cultural humility and intercultural engagement, including an awareness and understanding of historically marginalized populations, and the creation of an educational environment that affirms the identities and communications of students of color
Requirements: Master‘s degree or higher in mathematics

Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften (ZHAW); Winterthur, Zürich, Switzerland

     Published: January 26, 2023   12:19

Workload: 100%
Duties: Auf Basis existierender Simulationstools und realer Bauprojekte verbessern wir nicht nur die Software-Werkzeuge, sondern auch die Prozesse in der Gebäudeplanung, bei Sanierungen und im Betrieb. Sie leisten in einem interdisziplinären Team Beiträge zu folgenden Arbeitspaketen: Mitentwicklung eines Multisimulations- und Optimierungs-Framework für die Software Polysun; Modellentwicklung für physikalische Gebäudesimulation und Implementierung dieser Algorithmen; Implementation von IoT-Sensorik und Überführung der Daten in den digitalen Zwilling; Anwendung von Machine-Learning zur Verwertung von Echtzeit-Messdaten; Feldtest in echten Bauprojekten in enger Zusammenarbeit mit innovativen Industriepartnern; Bei Interesse können Sie Erfahrungen in der Lehre sammeln und studentische Arbeiten mitbetreuen. Die Publikationstätigkeit wird ausdrücklich unterstützt
Requirements: Mit einem akademischen Abschluss in Informatik, rechnergestützten Wissenschaften, Physik oder einer verwandten Ingenieurdisziplin sind Sie bestens gerüstet für diese Stelle. Weiter erwarten wir: Interesse für innovative Lösungen für Nachhaltigkeit, Energieeffizienz und erneuerbare Energien; Gute kommunikative Fähigkeiten; Erfahrungen in der Softwareentwicklung und Interesse an grösseren technischen Zusammenhängen in Softwareprojekten

Scuola universitaria professionale della Svizzera italiana (SUPSI); Ticino, Switzerland

     Deadline: February 8, 2023 | Published: January 26, 2023   12:06

Duties: Supporto al direttore dell’istituto nelle attività di ricerca e amministrative dell’Istituto; Coordinamento e in alcuni casi persona di riferimento dell’avanzamento dei progetti di istituto e dei team di progetto; Sostegno nella preparazione di proposte di progetto Innosuisse relativamente alla creazione di valore (modello di business e obiettivi di mercato); Coordinazione con il direttore della comunicazione interna dell’istituto; Responsabilità di attività di divulgazione dei progetti di ricerca; Gestione dei contenuti e dell’aggiornamento del sito web dell’istituto e dei canali social; Organizzazione delle attività di formazione interna e di team building di istituto; Supporto organizzativo di istituto e delle aree scientifiche
Requirements: Bachelor in discipline pertinenti alle mansioni da svolgere, il titolo di Master è preferenziale; Attitudine verso attività gestionali di organizzazione di gruppi di lavoro; Buona conoscenza dell’italiano, del tedesco e dell’inglese; Ottime capacità relazionali; Buona capacità di lavorare in gruppi di lavoro eterogenei coniugate alla capacità di gestire le problematiche in modo autonomo; Comprovata esperienza ed attitudine nella trattazione di informazioni altamente confidenziali; Ottime capacità organizzative e propensione al problem solving

Northeastern University; Boston, Massachusetts, United States

     Published: January 26, 2023   06:48

Workload: 100%
Duties: Assist in initiating, executing, and completing clinical research and experiments; Prepare and write research papers, presentations, grant proposals, etc; Laboratory management; Train graduate students
Requirements: A strong record of publications in computational biology is an essential requirement. Familiarity with biosynthetic gene clusters is a plus. The appointment will be for a minimum of 2 years with possible extension, starting immediately. Competitive salary commensurate with experience, and a package of benefits

Yale University; New Haven, Connecticut, United States

     Published: January 26, 2023   06:48

Duties: Evaluates and analyzes data using accepted statistical and biostatistical techniques; Investigates, analyzes, and evaluates complex statistical and programming problems. Determines proper methodology, testing standards, and evaluation processes for research projects. Recommends and develops statistical approaches for use in analyses
Requirements: Master’s Degree in Biostatistics, Statistics or relevant field. Two years of experience; or equivalent combination of education and experience; Solid knowledge of and ability to apply standard software development principles, theories, concepts and techniques

University of Luxembourg; Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

     Published: January 26, 2023   06:48

Duties: The Interventional Neuroscience Group and the Systems Control Group offer four Postdoc positions in collaborative projects in biomedical signal analysis and medical image computing. The projects cover medical image analysis and data science for improved deep brain stimulation, signal analysis for prediction models of heart diseases and translational work towards more robust AI models for medical image computing, in particular by domain adaptation and similar techniques in particular being applied to data from neurodegenerative diseases and brain tumours
Requirements: PhD in the context of data science (mathematics, engineering, computer science or similar); Background in machine learning, ideally including deep learning, and strong interest in interdisciplinary research; Experience in applying recent machine learning techniques to imaging/computer vision/signal analysis problems; Experience utilising GPU enabled High-Performance Computing environments is an asset; Experience with recent deep learning frameworks (e.g. Pytorch, MONAI) and programming languages (Python, Matlab) are considered to be an advantage

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