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University of Minnesota (U of M); Twin Cities, Minnesota, United States

Published: April 11, 2021   17:01

Department: Department of Neuroscience
Duties: Analysis of existing datasets related to UMN multi-camera observation system. Hardware design, maintenance, installation, and troubleshooting related to multi-camera system. Candidate will obtain training in new statistical methods if required, possibly including enrolling in new online classes. Data analysis and scientific communication. Perform data analysis, including modern tools from machine learning and applied math. Construct and test computational models of cognition, behavior, and/or physiology. Design experiments. Provide data analytic tools to others. Produce scientific figures and write scientific manuscripts. Communicate results via presentations at conferences and other talks. Write and contribute to scientific grants
Requirements: Advanced degree with 1 or more years of research training. Ability to program in Matlab and python, familarity with deep learning and computer vision, Ph.D. in engineering. Ability to effectively communicate experimental and analytic results, to teach others. how to perform sophisticated analyses, and to lead collaborative data analysis projects. Substantial programming skills, including fluency in MATLAB and evidence of completed projects in other languages (e.g. R, Python, JavaScript). Preferred: Familiarity with SQL and R

University of Luxembourg; Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Published: April 11, 2021   12:55

Duties: We offer an attractive Research Associate (Postdoctoral) position in close cooperation with our industrial partner Civil Maps. Civil Maps, is a provider of HD mapping technology that enables autonomous vehicles to safely and efficiently navigate the world. Learn more: The successful candidate will join the 360Lab research team led by Prof. Raphael Frank to work on the following tasks: Conducting research in the area of 3D computer vision: Structure from Motion (SfM), Stereo Vision, Visual SLAM, Visual (Inertial) Odometry; Coordinating research projects and delivering outputs; Providing guidance to PhD and MSc students; Disseminating results through scientific publications; Attracting funding in cooperation with industrial partners; Organizing relevant workshops and demonstrations
Requirements: PhD degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering or related programs; Proven experience computer vision: Structure from Motion (SfM), Stereo Vision, Visual SLAM, Visual (Inertial) Odometry; Machine learning, esp. deep learning, applied to visual recognition or understanding, e.g. object recognition and localization, semantic segmentation, scene understanding, etc; Large-scale content-based image or video retrieval; Prior experience in pose estimation, probabilistic filtering, and/or nonlinear optimization; Strong publication record and/or proven track record of delivering solid technologies or products in above areas is a large plus; Solid knowledge in fundamental algorithms and data structures; Programming proficiency in Python and C++; Passion for R&D and technical excellence, self-motivated, strong problem analysis and solving skills; Language Skills: Fluent written and verbal communication skills in English are required

Loyola University Chicago (LUC); Chicago, Illinois, United States

Published: April 11, 2021   12:46

Duties: The Department of Mathematics and Statistics in the College of Arts and Sciences at Loyola University Chicago (LUC) invites applications for two full-time, non-tenure track positions at the rank of Lecturer, for academic year 2021-22, with the possibility of renewal thereafter. The department seeks applicants with expertise in mathematics. Lecturers are expected to teach a 4-4 load of introductory and advanced courses and perform service, such as mentoring underserved populations, at the department, college, and university levels
Requirements: The candidate will have a Ph.D. in Mathematics or a related field at the time of appointment. Candidates for the position must clearly demonstrate the potential for excellence in teaching and have a record of (or clear potential for) distinguished scholarship and student mentorship. The candidate should be willing to support the mission of LUC and the goals of a Jesuit Catholic Education

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (RU); New Jersey, United States

Published: April 11, 2021   12:42

Duties: Subject to availability of funding, the Mathematics Department expects to offer one or more postdoctoral research and instructor positions that will begin in fall of 2021. Most of these positions are expected to be three-year non-tenure track, non-renewable, Post-Doctoral positions with an annual teaching load of 3 single semesters courses. Candidates should have received a PhD and show outstanding promise of research in pure or applied mathematics as well as a capacity for effective teaching
Requirements: Ph.D in Mathematics and strong evidence of promise as a researcher and teacher of mathematics

University of Luxembourg; Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Published: April 11, 2021   12:39

Duties: The Systems Control Group (SCG) seeks a highly skilled Postdoctoral Research Associate. The project aims to enhance the outcome of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) in Parkinson’s disease (PD) through the individualization and optimization of stimulation settings. The goal is to replace the current practice of selecting stimulation pulse width, amplitude, and frequency by trial and error with a model-based patient-specific calculation (more details below). The project is funded by the EU Joint Programme on Neurodegenerative Disease Research (JPND) and is part of a consortium consisting of neurologists, electrical and control engineers, computer scientists, movement scientists, and neurosurgeons from four European countries. Postdocs are expected to interact with the rest of the group, especially with PhD students and support grant writing
Requirements: Hold a Ph.D. degree in (applied or theoretical) mathematics, theoretical physics, engineering or computer science, with a strong mathematical background. Ideal candidates would have a good understanding of dynamical systems, control theory, optimisation, or machine learning. Excellent working knowledge of English is required. We Offer; Full contract for 1 year with the possibility of renewal up to 5 years contingent on performance and availability of funding; A highly interdisciplinary research environment integrating biologists, physicists, mathematicians, and clinical researchers working in the area of systems biology; A very competitive salary

University of Hawai'i at Mānoa (UH); Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

Published: April 11, 2021   12:31

Duties: Under general supervision, to conduct courses in Geographic Information Systems; Maintain office hours of at least one hour per week for each course taught; Prepare course outlines and reports related to teaching and student progress; Work under supervision of department chairperson in integrating teaching efforts with other instructors in the discipline area; Student and peer evaluations and self-assessment of teaching effectiveness are required; May include instructional assignments involving day, evening, early morning, weekend, outreach (such as Early College), and/or distance education classes; Commitment to community college principles and philosophy is essential; The college strongly emphasizes the "open door" concept and serves a diverse student and community population
Requirements: Master's degree in (a) Business OR (b) Computer Science OR (c) Geography OR (d) Natural Science; or the equivalent; And one year of formal education training and/or experiential background with Arc View GIS software

Consulting Companies; Worldwide

Published: April 11, 2021   12:13

Duties: Here you will find companies/institutions offering quantitative consulting (Mathematics, Statistics, Actuarial consulting, Data Mining, Econometrics, Operations Research, Bioinformatics & more). Please contact these companies directly
Requirements: Currently, we list the following companies: AG, Aeiforia GmbH, AICOS Technologies AG, Alma | Life, Health and Pension AG, Actuarial and Risk Consulting Stoll GmbH, Consult AG Statistical Services, d-fine, D ONE Solutions AG, Institut für Datenanalyse und Prozessdesign (Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften), Intuitive Collaboration AG, Keller Experten AG, Kellex AG, Libera AG, Milliman, Polynomics, Tarigan Statistical Consulting and Data Analysis

University of Luxembourg; Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Published: April 10, 2021   11:09

Duties: In this particular project, we are looking for a postdoctoral researcher who has a computational background. We are looking for a candidate, who can work independently but also enjoys to collaborate closely with other members of the lab (developmental biologists and neuroscientists). A particular focus of the project shall be on the development of computational pipelines for analyzing high-throughput image data generated in patient-specific models. Furthermore, the management and integration of different kinds of experimental data-sets beyond image data will be an important aspect
Requirements: A successful candidate will have: PhD in computational biology, statistics, computer science, or a related scientific/technical discipline; Additionally experience in the analysis of various types of data-sets using Python, R and/or Matlab; Strong expertise in statistical methodologies is advantageous; A successful candidate should be willing to take initiative, leadership and responsibility for this demanding project; Further career development by writing own grants will be strongly supported. We are looking for highly motivated candidates who share our passion for research, are interested in acquiring new skills and wish to be part of an international team

University College London (UCL); London, United Kingdom

Deadline: May 1, 2021 | Published: April 10, 2021   11:08

Department: Department of Chemical Engineering
Duration: 3.5 y
Duties: The Department of Chemical Engineering at University College London (UCL) is seeking an enthusiastic Graduate Student to work on modelling, designing, and optimizing the heat management system for a fusion based electrical energy generation system. The appointment is for 3.5 years
Requirements: The candidate will have or is expected to soon obtain an excellent first degree in Chemical Engineering, Physics, Computational Science, Mathematics, or an associated discipline. Prior research experience, together with the ability to analyse, develop and solve open-ended research problems is essential. Desirable qualifications include knowledge of modelling, simulation, optimization, programming, and UNIX-based operative systems

University College London (UCL); London, United Kingdom

Deadline: April 25, 2021 | Published: April 10, 2021   11:08

Department: Department of Chemical Engineering
Duration: 3.5 y
Duties: The Chemical Engineering Department is seeking an enthusiastic and dedicated Ph.D. student to research mass transfer in pharmaceutical processes at different scales and develop advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) models for predicting solid-liquid and liquid-liquid mass transfer coefficients. This project is in collaboration with GlaxoSmithKline, a global pharmaceutical company with strong focus on research and development (R&D). The post-holder will have the opportunity to share ideas and results with the industrial partner and collaborate with its R&D team
Requirements: The successful candidate will have completed a first-class degree at the MEng or MSc level in Chemical or Mechanical Engineering, Physics or a related discipline. Demonstrable knowledge of research methods and Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations is desirable but is not a necessary requirement

Maastricht University (UM); Maastricht, Limburg, Netherlands

Deadline: April 20, 2021 | Published: April 10, 2021   11:06

Duties: We seek 3 tenure track candidates to join the MERLN Institute for Technology-Inspired Regenerative Medicine. Our staff members are leaders in the field of biomaterials, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, for which we have a focus on engineering approaches, and we are particularly well-known for our orientation towards translational research
Requirements: Have a track record of high-quality publications; Have supervision experience; Possess an international network; Be recognized as emergent scientific leaders in their field; Have a talent for leadership and management; Be passionate about interdisciplinary collaboration; Have experience in education, willing to teach Bachelor and Master students

Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH (AIT); Wien, Austria

Published: April 10, 2021   11:04

Duties: Sie unterstützen bei der Entwicklung von neuartigen Gebäudetechnikkonzepte (TGA) für Niedrigenergiegebäude und wenden dabei neue Standards (BIM, Bauen 4.0) und Methoden im Digitalisierungsumfeld (künstliche Intelligenz) an; Gemeinsam mit Ihren Kolleg*innen, arbeiten Sie an unseren Forschungsprojekten, übernehmen konkrete Projekttasks und setzen diese nach höchsten wissenschaftlichen Standards um; Sie bauen Beziehungen zu Kunden und Partnern - national wie international - auf und entwickeln diese kontinuierlich weiter
Requirements: Abgeschlossenes Studium im Bereich Gebäudetechnik, Maschinenbau, Physik, Bauinformatik, Building Science oder einer ähnlichen Richtung; Gute Kenntnisse von thermischen Gebäudesimulationsprogrammen (z. B. Revit, ArchiCAD IDA ICE, EnergyPlus); Gute Kenntnisse einer höheren Programmiersprache (z.B. Python) sowie Erfahrungen in der Datenverarbeitung (Datenbanken, Datenanalyse, Big Data); Ausgeprägtes Interesse an Forschung & Entwicklung zum Thema „Energieeffizienz im Gebäudebereich“; Ausgezeichnete Kommunikations- und Präsentations-Skills in Deutsch und Englisch; Begeisterungsfähigkeit, Visionskraft und eine internationale Denkweise

University of Luxembourg; Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Published: April 10, 2021   11:02

Duties: The successful postdoctoral candidate will develop computational and statistical models using multi-omics data (including transcriptomics, proteomics, lipidomics, and immunomics data) generated from patients to identify novel diagnostic patterns/biomarkers that match clinical findings. The modeling methodologies include, but not limited to, statistical modeling and machine learning, network biology, bioinformatics and information theory, The project is funded by ERA PerMed and includes a consortium of international collaborators, including medical practitioners with existing record of achievements in treatment of SIRS. In addition, the successful candidate will curate the group’s contribution to the consortium and provide it with statistical and computational support, which requires ability to work with various professional backgrounds (biologists, doctors and others). The Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB) was created within the Health Technologies Initiative from the ...
Requirements: Essential skills and qualities: Ph.D. degree in computer science, engineering, physics, biology or related discipline; Strong computational skills; A strong publication record in related fields; Excellent communication skills and working knowledge of English; Ideal skills: Prior experience in computational systems biology and/or statistical learning; Experience in working in multi-disciplinary research settings; We offer: Opportunity to do highly interdisciplinary research and solve complex biomedical problems within a highly dynamic research institution (LCSB) and in collaboration with internationally recognized partners; An international and multi-lingual environment; A very competitive salary and a range of social benefits

University of Luxembourg; Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Published: April 10, 2021   11:02

Duties: In particular, the successful candidate will develop computational and statistical models using multi-omics data (including single-cell transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics data) to identify potential molecular targets for subsequent drug repurposing in the context of MILS. The modeling methodologies include, but not limited to, network biology, bioinformatics, information theory, statistical modeling and machine learning, agent-based modeling and others. The project is funded by European Joint Programme for Rare Diseases and includes a consortium of international collaborators, including medical practitioners with existing record of achievements in treatment of MILS. The consortium aims at discovery of new drugs for MILS using high-throughput scanning of existing compounds/drugs on stem-cell derived neural cells and brain organoids. In addition, the successful candidate will curate the group’s contribution to the consortium and provide it with statistical and computational ...
Requirements: Essential skills and qualities: Ph.D. degree in biology, computer science, engineering, physics or related discipline; Strong computational skills (demonstrable project in the relevant field); A strong first-author publication record in the relevant field; Excellent communication skills and working knowledge of English; Ideal skills: A record of first-author publications in the fields of bioinformatics and/or computational biology; Prior experience in mathematical modeling of biological networks; Experience in working in multi-disciplinary research settings; We offer: Opportunity to do highly interdisciplinary research and solve complex biomedical problems within a highly dynamic research institution (LCSB) and in collaboration with internationally recognized partners; An international and multi-lingual environment; A very competitive salary and a range of social benefits; A 1-year contract with extension to 3 years upon satisfactory performance

European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN); Genève, Switzerland

Published: April 10, 2021   11:01

Duties: You will support the team activities by performing radiation survey measurements on the PS-Complex and by taking part in the ALARA preparation and follow-up of various activities in radiation areas (including radioactive workshops and storages for radioactive material). The project will start during the physics RUN 2021 and will continue during the YETS 2021-2022 and will be dedicated to RP follow up on dedicated facilities of the complex. The daily follow-up of a specific device dedicated to radiological truck controls (METRUM) will be included as a side project
Requirements: In order to qualify for a place on the programme you will need to meet the following requirements: You are a national of a CERN Member State or Associate Member State; You have a Technical Diploma in Radiation protection or equivalent, and no more than 4 years'relevant experience after finishing your diploma; If you are currently studying, you are still eligible to apply, although you are expected to have obtained your qualification by the start of your appointment at CERN; If you hold a BSc or MSc, you are not eligible. However you may be eligible for the Fellowship Programme; You should have at least a working knowledge of English or French

Stony Brook University Hospital (SBUH); Stony Brook, New York, United States

Deadline: May 8, 2021 | Published: April 10, 2021   10:59

Duties: The Postdoctoral Associate will assist the Principal Investigator in a Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM) field. The incumbent will conduct research and ensure that all experiments are appropriately conducted following the policies and procedures of Stony Brook University. Within the predetermined research scope and methodology, conduct research experiments in a biological/biomedical field
Requirements: PhD (or foreign equivalent) in Science, Technology, Engineering or Math (STEM) field conferred by September 1, 2021.​

City University of Hong Kong (CityU); Kowloon Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Published: April 10, 2021   10:54

Department: Department of Mathematics
Duties: Conduct research in areas of Applied Mathematics (including Analysis and Applications), Mathematical Modelling (including biological/physical/financial problems), Scientific Computation and Numerical Analysis, and Probability and Statistics; teach undergraduate and postgraduate courses; supervise research students; and perform any other duties as assigned
Requirements: A PhD in Mathematics/Applied Mathematics/Statistics with an excellent research record

Karlsruher Institut für Technologie - Engler-Bunte-Institut (KIT); Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Published: April 10, 2021   10:51

Department: Engler-Bunte-Institute, Combustion Technology (EBI-vbt)
Duties: Mitarbeit bei der Gestaltung & Aktualisierung der Homepage des Prüflaboratoriums des DVGW im Bereich der Verbrennungstechnik; Einpflegen von Daten in ein vorhandes Auftragsmanagement-System (AMS); Überprüfung der Datenkonsistenz im AMS; Unterstützung der Arbeit der Sekretariate (Pflege von Vorlagen, Ablage von Dokumenten usw.); Unterstützung der QM Abteilung; Unterstützung bei der Wartung von Prüfständen (Erstellung von Messsoftware, Kalibration usw.)
Requirements: Sicherer Umgang mit Office-Programmen; Gute kommunikative Fähigkeiten; Selbstständige, strukturierte & zuverlässige Arbeitsweise sowie eine hohe Einsatzbereitschaft; sicheres Englisch in Wort und Schrift; im Optimalfall fortgeschrittene LabView Kenntnisse

OFFIS e.V; Oldenburg, Niedersachsen, Germany

Published: April 10, 2021   10:49

Duties: Sie unterstützen Unternehmen und öffentliche Einrichtungen dabei, zukunftsweisende Konzepte und Projekte entstehen zu lassen, u. a. in den Themengebieten Künstliche Intelligenz, Cloud-Technologie und Automatisierung. Hierfür arbeiten Sie zusammen in einem innovativen 13-köpfigen Team aus Branchen- und Technologieexpert*innen sowie mehr als 100 niedersächsischen Partnern. Sie moderieren Plattformen zu ausgewählten Themen und berücksichtigen Stakeholder-Interessen. Als Impulsgeber beraten Sie insbesondere mittelständische Unternehmen über mögliche Innovationsrichtungen. Auch das Beraten und Gewinnen neuer Partner für unser Innovationsökosystem gehört zu Ihren Aufgaben
Requirements: Abgeschlossenes Hochschulstudium in Informatik, Wirtschaftsinformatik oder einer verwandten Fachrichtung; Interesse am Zusammenspiel von Wissenschaft, Wirtschaft und öffentlichen Einrichtungen hinsichtlich neuer digitaler Technologien und den Herausforderungen des Innovationsgeschehens; Gute Kenntnisse relevanter Technologie- sowie IT-Trends und Marktentwicklungen; Fähigkeit, sich eigenständig in komplexe Technologiethemen einzuarbeiten; Sie sind kontaktfreudig und zeichnen sich durch gute Netzwerkfähigkeiten aus; Fähigkeit zu konzeptioneller Arbeit und Analyse sowie zur verständlichen Darstellung komplexer Zusammenhänge; Kommunikationsstärke in Wort und Schrift

Universität Basel; Basel, Switzerland

Published: April 9, 2021   15:11

Duties: A postdoc position is available to develop machine learning approaches to infer cellular-level principles of biological organization from large scale data
Requirements: We are looking for a postdoctoral researcher with background in computer science, physics, or applied mathematics who is interested in developing and exploring applications of machine learning to integrate multi-omics data to infer principles of gene expression control and resource allocation in mammalian cells

University of Luxembourg; Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Published: April 9, 2021   14:53

Duties: Conduct research activities, in support of biomedical research in the area of Integrative Cell Signalling; Support the Principal Investigator in the coordination of research activities of the group; Follow up on the scientific activities and communication with internal and external stakeholders; Organize project events, such as scientific meetings or project committee meetings; Take care of scientific monitoring and scientific reporting to the stakeholders and the national funding agency and support in grant writing; Engage in outreach activities to raise public awareness and support fundraising to gain further financial support by public and private funders
Requirements: PhD degree in the natural/life sciences, or physics and practical experience in project management; Experience in stem cell research as well as in data analysis and visualization are considered an asset; Highly organized and a good coordinator, motivated and flexible; Reliable, efficient, and proactive in your work; Strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills

Università degli Studi di Padova; Padova, Italy

Deadline: May 12, 2021 | Published: April 9, 2021   14:52

Duties: The University of Padova has published the Selection Announcements for admission to the PhD Courses for the academic year 2021/2022 - 37th Cycle (hereunder called Selection Announcement). The PhD Course table (Appendix 1) specifies the fields of research, plus candidate selection criteria and methods so that a ranking may be drawn up
Requirements: Early stage researcher or 0-4 yrs (Post graduate)

Technical University of Denmark (DTU); Kongens Lyngby, Lyngby-Taarbæk Municipality, Denmark

Deadline: May 7, 2021 | Published: April 9, 2021   14:49

Duties: This position requires the candidate to research methods for the reliable design of large floating wind turbines, assess the remaining life of floating wind turbines in a wind farm, predict maintenance needs and reduce the uncertainties in mechanical loads on different wind turbine components in a wind farm scenario. This can involve design iterations between the structural response of the floating wind turbine and station-keeping to assess different limit states important for ensuring reliability
Requirements: A PhD in Wind Energy, offshore technology, civil engineering or similar discipline is required, with minimum 2-years research experience post PhD, showcasing several authored scientific publications relevant to this position. Expertise in data science as applied to offshore wind energy is an added advantage. The candidate must have a willingness to develop research proposals and collaborate with experts in the area

Technical University of Denmark (DTU); Kongens Lyngby, Lyngby-Taarbæk Municipality, Denmark

Deadline: April 27, 2021 | Published: April 9, 2021   14:47

Duration: 3 y
Duties: If you are looking for an exciting opportunity for a PhD, we at Materials and Surface Engineering section, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Denmark is seeking a candidate for PhD in the area of “Humidity effects on electronics: test methods and prevention strategies”
Requirements: You must have a two-year master's degree (120 ECTS points) or a similar degree with an academic level equivalent to a two-year master's degree. Specialization should be in Materials Science and engineering or chemistry or related subjects such as corrosion science and engineering. Prior experience on corrosion of electronics or similar topics is an advantage. Combination of knowledge in electronics, materials, corrosion, and reliability is preferred

Technical University of Denmark (DTU); Kongens Lyngby, Lyngby-Taarbæk Municipality, Denmark

Deadline: April 27, 2021 | Published: April 9, 2021   14:47

Duration: 2 y
Duties: The Postdoc project aims at improving the wear, corrosion, and frictional properties of electrodeposited Au electrical contacts via high-current ion implantation. The idea is to implant ions into electrodeposited Au to improve the mechanical properties of the gold layer, therefore improving tribological properties, which will in turn improve corrosion due to less damage to the gold layer under operation
Requirements: As a formal qualification, you must hold a PhD degree (or equivalent). A PhD Degree in Materials Engineering with corrosion and electrochemistry specialization or master degree in electronics with PhD level expertise on corrosion reliability of electronics or related topics. Prior experience on work related to corrosion reliability of electronics is an advantage

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