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Texas Southern University (TSU); Houston, Texas, United States

     Published: June 19, 2024   15:27

Duties: Epidemiology and biostatistics projects activities including study design, execution of various experiments, data collection, and data interpretation Complies, writes, and effectively communicates project results to the principal investigator; Assist PIs, PD, Core directors, and users in progress reports and manuscripts of various projects and progress reports; Publish data, presents at conferences and seeks external funding; Performs statistical analysis and interpretation of data for projects and research grants Train undergraduate and Graduate students in research skills; Provides interpretation, responses, and presentation of statistical results; Uses a variety of statistical software, methods, and techniques to gather, analyze, and interpret data; advises and assists in the development of inferences and conclusions, statistical analysis strategies
Requirements: Masters or Doctoral degree in epidemiology, biostatistics, statistics, public health, or related field with strong statistical and problem-solving skills. Programming and data analysis, management, and statistical analysis software

Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM); Atlanta, Georgia, United States

     Published: June 19, 2024   15:18

Duties: Under the supervision of the Assistant Professor, the Postdoctoral Fellow will perform a variety of research analyses in collaboration with an academic supervisor, making innovative contributions that may be translated to in vitro discovery and validation in the laboratory. The Postdoctoral Fellow in this position will consult with Assistant Professor on the scope and plan of approach to a research project; reads abstracts and articles; organizes and plans techniques; contributes original ideas to genomic analysis and prepares written reports of laboratory experimental methods and analyses. Skills used in the lab include analyses of large genomic datasets using established statistical genetic methods, development of novel methods for analysis of family genomic studies and bioinformatics. Excellent organization, work presentation (in the form of written reports), and communication skills are required
Requirements: A Ph.D. degree in life or biomedical sciences, or a related discipline is required. (Examples include biological sciences, pharmacology, bioinformatics, statistical genetics, computational biology, biomedical informatics, or related fields of study.); Experience working with genomic (e.g., DNA-seq, RNA-seq) data; Computer programming skills and experience; Experience or a desire in communicating insights and presenting concepts to diverse audiences

City of Hope; United States

     Published: June 19, 2024   15:08

Duties: Exploration of cell-free DNA-based, liquid biopsy biomarkers for the early-detection of gastrointestinal cancers (including colorectal, pancreatic, gastric, liver and esophageal); Establish innovative methodologies involving non-coding RNAs-based biomarkers for the earlier diagnosis, prognosis and predictive responses to chemotherapy in gastrointestinal neoplasia; Understanding the genetic basis of early-onset and familial/hereditary colorectal cancers; Molecular mechanisms of cancer pathogenesis, the role of stem cells in the context of chemo resistance chemo-sensitization in cancer cells
Requirements: PhD in bioinformatics, computer science, data science, mathematics, statistics, physics or equivalent; Hands-on and documented experience in analyzing RNA-Seq data, small RNA-Seq data, Methylation sequencing, WES, 16S RNA seq etc; Ability to do multi-omic analysis using a combination of various sequencing datasets

Lund University; Lund, Scania, Sweden

     Deadline: September 6, 2024 | Published: June 19, 2024   15:00

Duties: The tasks as a postdoctoral researcher mainly involve conducting research. Teaching may be part of the work duties, but no more than a fifth of the working time. Within the framework of the employment, there must be an opportunity for three weeks of university pedagogical training
Requirements: The successful applicant should hold a doctoral degree in molecular biology, biochemistry, structural biology or a related subject; A publication record in international journals; Proficiency in spoken and written English; Experience in standard molecular biology techniques, such as molecular cloning and immunoblotting

Lund University; Lund, Scania, Sweden

     Deadline: August 14, 2024 | Published: June 19, 2024   14:55

Duties: Plan project and conduct research and experiments as outlined in the project description; Analyze data and summarize results; Publish results in peer-reviewed scientific journals; Participate in group meetings and collaborate with group members; Attend division meeting and seminars; Participate in relevant courses for the education
Requirements: A master’s degree in molecular biology, cell biology, biomedicine, biochemistry, biotechnology, or related field; Strong written and oral communication skills in English

Jackson State University (JSU); Jackson, Mississippi, United States

     Published: June 19, 2024   14:54

Duties: Reports writing and manuscripts preparation; Small animal research; Perform Biological, Biochemical, and Animal Research Methods; Perform Cell culture and Molecular techniques: Western Blot, PCR, INC. Biochemical assays; Data analysis, Data recording; Computer Microsoft Office Proficiency: PowerPoint, Excel, and Word
Requirements: Ph.D in Biology or Biochemistry or Physiology/Master of Science in Biology or Biochemistry

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (RU); New Jersey, United States

     Published: June 19, 2024   14:48

Duties: Designs, discusses, and performs diverse experimental models and techniques related to the study of innate cells. Contributes to general laboratory operations, including breeding and genotyping of mice and general maintenance of animal colonies. Develops new ideas for promotion current research for the NJMS; Center for Immunity and Inflammation. Operates and maintains experimental equipment. Records and analyzes data from experiments. Contributes to the development of performance standards, selection of methodology, instrumentation and coordination of the analytical, biochemical, physiology and instrumentation functions with the clinical and research areas to ensure conformancewith the goals and objectives of the department
Requirements: Ph.D., M.D. in a biological science or in a related field

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (RU); New Jersey, United States

     Published: June 19, 2024   14:31

Duties: Carries out an independent research project studying signaling and/or metabolism in cell growth and cancer; Keeps detailed records of procedures and experiments. Compiles data and present findings; Prepares scientific manuscripts for publication and contributes to the preparation of research grant and fellowship applications; Works independently as well as collaboratively, with a strong work ethic and attention to detail; Cell cycle phase-specific control of cellular metabolism in health and disease; Exploiting metabolic vulnerabilities in cancer
Requirements: Qualified applicants must have a PhD or MD/PhD degree in cell and molecular biology, biochemistry or related field, with demonstrated research productivity

Newcastle University; Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom

     Deadline: August 4, 2024 | Published: June 19, 2024   14:29

Duties: This is a unique opportunity for a motivated individual to join the School of Computing as a Research Assistant/Associate to work with us on an exciting research project. The project will investigate the structural and functional underpinnings of epilepsy to develop novel therapeutic approaches. The project will leverage data from a variety of modalities including EEG and MRI
Requirements: A PhD awarded (or nearing completion) in Computer Science, Mathematics/Statistics, Physics, Neuroscience or a project-relevant subject

Università degli Studi di Firenze; Firenze, Italy

     Deadline: July 15, 2024 | Published: June 19, 2024   14:28

Department: Medical Sciences; Medicine
Duties: Evaluation of the degree of autonomy and performance of students of the master's degree course in dentistry and dental prosthetics
Requirements: Early stage researcher or 0-4 yrs (Post graduate)

Universität Luzern; Luzern, Switzerland

     Published: June 19, 2024   13:22

Workload: 80-100%
Duties: Entwicklung und Durchführung von Forschungsprojekten; Einwerben von Drittmitteln; Datenanalysen; Verfassen von wissenschaftlichen Publikationen und präsentieren von Forschungsergebnissen; Betreuung von Studierenden in Gesundheitswissenschaften (BSc & MSc) und Medizin (Joint Master Medizin UniLU & UZH); Mitbetreuung von PhD-Studierenden; Lehrtätigkeit; Beratungstätigkeit
Requirements: Abgeschlossenes Hochschulstudium mit MD/PhD oder gleichwertig; Interesse an Hausarztmedizin, Versorgungs- und Implementierungsforschung; Eigenständige Arbeitsweise; Erfahrungen in der Projektplanung und -durchführung; Kommunikations- und Teamfähigkeit; Praktische Erfahrung im Gesundheitswesen ist wünschenswert; Gute Kenntnisse des Schweizer Gesundheitssystems; Gute Kenntnisse in quantitativer und qualitativer Forschungsmethodik; Ausgezeichnete Deutsch- und Englischkenntnisse

Kantonsspital St. Gallen (KSSG); St. Gallen, Switzerland

     Published: June 19, 2024   13:08

Workload: 60%
Duties: Mitverantwortung für die Planung und Durchführung von Lernbegleitungen sowie die individuelle Begleitung und Förderung von Auszubildenden gemäss Ausbildungskonzept; Begleitung von Auszubildenden, Lernenden und Studierenden (Lernende Fachfrau/-mann Gesundheit, HF und Studierende Hebammen FH); Betreuung von Patientinnen und Patienten vor und nach operativen gynäkologischen/onkologischen Eingriffen, während einer Radio-Chemotherapie und in palliativen Pflegesituationen; Arbeit in einem motivierten Team; Unterstützung und Förderung durch interne und externe Weiterbildungsmöglichkeiten
Requirements: Ausbildung als Dipl. Pflegefachfrau/-mann HF/FH/DN II oder AKP; Pflege- sowie Berufserfahrung im Fachbereich Onkologie wünschenswert; Hohe Sozial-, Fach- und Pflegekompetenz und eine wertschätzende Haltung gegenüber Patientinnen und Patienten; Belastbare, flexible und einfühlsame Persönlichkeit; Bereitschaft zur konstruktiven Zusammenarbeit im interdisziplinären Kontext mit selbstständiger, gewissenhaften und zuverlässigen Arbeitsweise und hohem Qualitätsbewusstsein

Kantonsspital St. Gallen (KSSG); St. Gallen, Switzerland

     Published: June 19, 2024   13:07

Workload: 80-100%
Duties: Einsatz in der Pflege auf der geburtshilflichen Station mit 28 Betten; Selbstständige Bewirtschaftung des hauswirtschaftlichen Bereiches und der Hotellerie; Administrative Aufgaben im Stationssekretariat; Tätigkeit in einem stabilen und motivierten Team
Requirements: Ausbildung als Fachfrau/-mann Gesundheit; Erfahrung in der Pflege von Neugeborenen wünschenswert; Offene, flexible und kommunikative Persönlichkeit; Hohe Sozialkompetenz und selbstständige Arbeitsweise; Wertschätzende Haltung und Einfühlungsvermögen gegenüber Patienten und Patientinnen

Universitäre Psychiatrische Kliniken Basel (UPK); Basel, Switzerland

     Published: June 19, 2024   12:54

Workload: 30%
Duties: Aktives Einbringen Ihrer Perspektive als psychiatrisch erfahrene Person in der aufsuchenden und ambulanten Arbeit im Suchtbereich; Entwicklung, Gestaltung und Etablierung eines ergänzenden, patientenorientierten Angebots in enger interdisziplinärer Zusammenarbeit; Begleitung und Beratung der Patientinnen und Patienten; Moderation und Leitung von Gruppen, beispielsweise zu Themen rund um die Genesung (Recovery); Zusammenarbeit mit externen Kooperationspartnern
Requirements: Sie besitzen einen EX-IN Abschluss (Experienced Involvement) oder eine ähnliche Qualifikation; Sie verfügen über ein tiefgehendes und reflektiertes Verständnis Ihrer eigenen Genesungsgeschichte. Sie kennen sowohl förderliche als auch hinderliche Prozesse und sind in der Lage, Strategien und Ansätze zur Förderung von Gesundheit und Wohlbefinden bei anderen anzuwenden

Università degli Studi di Padova; Padova, Veneto, Italy

     Deadline: July 3, 2024 | Published: June 19, 2024   12:53

Department: Biological Sciences; Biology
Duties: The behaviour of motor units and the health of motor axons and neuromuscular junction will be investigated in adults aged from 66 to 90 years. A home-based WB-NMES intervention will be proposed, with the aim of assessing its impact on muscle strength and power and understanding the neurophysiological adaptations occurring after such intervention in older people. The collected data will be used to design and validate a classification model to predict the severity of sarcopenia in elderly individuals. The candidate must have experience in human recruitment and experimentation, be competent in measuring muscle function both through dynamometry and in the administration of specific functional tests for the elderly population and in the assessment of body composition. He/she must be competent in the application of specific physical training for elderly people and be able to collect and analyze health questionnaires; bio/09 - fisiologia
Requirements: Early stage researcher or 0-4 yrs (Post graduate)

See-Spital; Horgen, Zürich, Switzerland

     Published: June 19, 2024   12:38

Duties: Organisation des Alltags und Koordination der Sprechstunden; Empfang unserer Patientinnen und Patienten; Administration und Korrespondenz
Requirements: Arztsekretär/in, Praxisassistent/in, Bürokauffrau/mann oder KV-Abschluss; Berufserfahrung in ähnlichen Funktionen; Selbständige Arbeitsweise; Organisations- und Kommunikationsfähigkeit; Hohe Leistungs- und Lernbereitschaft; Multitasking, belastbar, teamfähig; Versierte PC-Anwenderkenntnisse; Stilsichere Deutschkenntnisse in Wort und Schrift

See-Spital; Horgen, Zürich, Switzerland

     Published: June 19, 2024   12:37

Workload: 40-60%
Duties: Betreuung des Rückmeldemanagements bestehend aus Verbesserungs- und Beschwerdemanagement; Unterstützung des Qualitätsmanagement-Teams bei administrativen und organisatorischen Belangen; Betreuung des Dokumentenmanagementsystems; Erfassung, Auswertung und Analyse der Patientenfeedbacks und Meldungen der Mitarbeitenden
Requirements: Sehr gute mündliche wie schriftliche Kommunikationsfähigkeit; Medizinische/pflegerische Grundlagen von Vorteil; ICT-Affinität und sehr gute PC-Anwenderkenntnisse; Kaufmännische Aus- und/oder Weiterbildung und/oder ausgewiesene Erfahrung

Bentley University; Waltham, Massachusetts, United States

     Published: June 19, 2024   12:31

Duties: Bentley, a private, not-for-profit university, is a place for successful leaders who set out to create positive change in our communities, organizations and the world. We believe in doing business and doing good at the same time
Requirements: Bentley University posts regulary jobs at our sites. Additional jobs can be found by clicking here. Many more institutions are listed in the left frame (desktop version), see "Search yourself at 8000 institutions"

Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine (HJF); United States

     Published: June 19, 2024   07:55

Duties: Lead and assist in designing, conducting, and interpreting pharmacoepidemiological research; includes extracting and cleaning very large sources of electronic health records and other routinely-collected data; Lead and assist with the preparation of abstracts and presentations at national and international scientific meetings and manuscripts for publication, including as lead author; Manage elements of larger grants, ensuring compliance with good practice in relation to the conduct of research, and institutional ethics policies; Undertake high quality research and scholarship, including contributing to drafting major grant proposals and/or leading on drafting smaller grant proposals; Other duties and responsibilities as assigned or directed by the supervisors, including, but not limited to, travel and attendance of and participation in training and data access activities required for this role
Requirements: Doctoral degree; Minimum of 0-5 years experience required

Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine (HJF); United States

     Published: June 19, 2024   07:53

Duties: Evaluates, analyzes, and customizes next generation sequence analysis protocols, e.g. HiSeq Analysis Software, Genome Analysis Toolkit (GATK), open source software, for a variety of sequencing applications; Develops new WGS, RNA-seq, Exome seq, genome analysis pipelines and procedures; Performs genome wide trait association analyses using tools such as Plink/seq, generalized linear model (glm); Conducts data‐driven and hypothesis-directed genomics research; Assists with the report of experimental results for publication in technical and peer-reviewed journals. Contributes and edits data, text and figures in program publications; May supervise junior informatics staff; May perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned or directed by the supervisor. This may include attendance of and participation in required training for role
Requirements: Master's Degree required, Doctoral degree preferred within Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, Computer Science or related discipline; Minimum of 0-2 years experience required; Research training and proficiency in statistical analysis biomedical research, and quantitative analysis. Programming ability in (R or other statistical language); Scripting language (Perl, Python, or comparable), and (C/C++, Java or comparable language)

Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU); Portland, Oregon, United States

     Published: June 19, 2024   07:53

Duties: Perform hands-on experiments (in vitro and in vivo) and analyze/interpret data on assigned projects; Critically evaluate relevant scientific advances and integrate this knowledge into research programs. Participate in project planning and execution; Publish research in peer-reviewed journals and present work at scientific conferences. Effectively write and/or communicate research and regulatory materials. Attend and present at the project and group meetings and national conferences
Requirements: PhD, MD/PhD, in cellular and molecular biology, systems biology, or related discipline; Minimum of 3 years as a graduate student; Must have previous first author publications

Genmab; Utrecht, Netherlands

     Published: June 19, 2024   07:51

Duties: Design, develop and deploy reproducible data pipelines using cloud-native tools. All our pipelines use infrastructure as code, have automated tests and are as re-usable and reproducible as possible; Connect with collaborators (scientists, project managers, etc.) to translate their needs and questions into technical requirements. We then use the requirements to build data pipelines and visualizations that are meaningful, comprehensible, and practical for them; Every data engineer has projects to lead and others in which there are only smaller contributions; Generate comprehensive documentation of the data products developed, both for technical and non-technical users; Promote good (coding/data) practices and lead by example
Requirements: MS/PhD or equivalent experience in Computer Science, Bioinformatics, or related field; 3+ years of demonstrated working experience as a data engineer; Experience with data pipeline design and creation is a must. The pipelines should use good coding practices and the right tool for the job. Experience with ETL jobs (e.g. AWS Glue, Databricks jobs, AWS Lambda) and orchestrators (e.g. AWS StepFunctions) is desirable; Solid experience in database design (partitions, schemas, choosing database type, etc.) and querying languages (SQL, pyspark or similar) is a requirement. Experience with delta lake (delta tables) is a plus

Stadtspital Zürich; Zürich, Switzerland

     Published: June 19, 2024   07:51

Workload: 40-50%
Duties: Sie empfangen, betreuen sowie beraten unsere (ambulanten und stationären) Patient*innen; Des Weiteren organisieren und planen Sie die Angiologie Sprechstunden; Allgemeine administrative Arbeiten zählen zu Ihren weiteren Aufgaben; Zudem führen Sie selbstständig nicht invasive angiologische Untersuchungen wie beispielsweise Oszillographien, Dopplerdruckmessungen und Laufbanduntersuchungen durch; Eine weitere spannende Aufgabe ist die Assistenz bei Veneninterventionen
Requirements: Abgeschlossene Ausbildung als Medizinische*r Praxisassistent*in; Hohes Verantwortungsbewusstsein, Selbstständigkeit und Zuverlässigkeit; Aufgeschlossene Persönlichkeit mit hoher Sozialkompetenz; Erfahrung in der Betreuung von gefässmedizinischen Patient*innen ist von Vorteil; Schnelle Auffassungsgabe und Flexibilität; Versierte PC- Anwenderkenntnisse

Kantonsspital St. Gallen (KSSG); St. Gallen, Switzerland

     Published: June 19, 2024   07:51

Workload: 60-100%
Duties: Mithilfe bei der Abwicklung und Organisation von klinischen Studien; Betreuung von Studienpatientinnen und -patienten sowie die Koordination der Studienvisiten; Durchführung von studienspezifischen Aufgaben wie Blutentnahmen, Bearbeitung der Laborproben, EKGs, Verwaltung der Studienmedikation etc; Erhebung, Dokumentation und Eingabe von studienspezifischen Daten; Ansprechperson für Studienpatientinnen und Studienpatienten, Angehörige, sowie für Firmenvertreterinnen und Firmenvertreter im Rahmen der Studiendurchführung
Requirements: Abgeschlossene Ausbildung als Dipl. Pflegefachfrau/-mann HF, Bachelor of Science in Nursing oder Fachfrau/-mann Gesundheit mit Berufserfahrung; Sorgfältige und präzise Arbeitsweise, hohes Qualitätsbewusstsein; Engagierte, teamfähige, verantwortungsbewusste, zuverlässige und flexible Persönlichkeit mit Freude an selbstständigem Arbeiten; Gute mündliche und schriftliche Deutsch- und Englischkenntnisse sowie einwandfreie MS-Office Anwenderkenntnisse (Word, Excel, Powerpoint); Erfahrung in der Durchführung klinischer Studien von Vorteil

Kantonsspital St. Gallen (KSSG); St. Gallen, Switzerland

     Published: June 19, 2024   07:51

Workload: 80-100%
Duties: Einsatz in den Bereichen Pflege, Betreuung und Hauswirtschaft; Unterstützung einer fachkompetenten, individuellen Betreuung und Pflege der Patientinnen und Patienten der Klinik für Neurochirurgie, für Neurologie und der Augenklinik in enger Zusammenarbeit mit dem diplomierten Pflegepersonal unter Berücksichtigung verschiedener Standards und Pflegekonzepten; Selbständige Pflege und Betreuung von Patienten und Patientinnen in nicht komplexen Patientensituationen; Betreuung und Begleitung von Auszubildenden Fachfrauen/-männern Gesundheit; Mitgestaltung einer aktiven und positiven Team- und Klinikkultur
Requirements: Ausbildung als Fachfrau/-mann Gesundheit EFZ; Flexible, belastbare Persönlichkeit mit einer guten Prioritätensetzung; Zuverlässige, selbstständige und eigenverantwortliche Arbeitsweise; Hohes Qualitätsbewusstsein; Bereitschaft zur konstruktiven Zusammenarbeit im interdisziplinären Kontext

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