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University of Southern Mississippi (Southern Miss); Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States

     Published: March 23, 2023   16:27

Duties: Develop experimental design and analyses to study potentially oil-impacted sediment microbiomes and metagenomes to characterize bacterial, archaeal, and fungal communities; Develop expertise in deep-sea sediment microbial communities and contribute new knowledge and ideas to this area of research; Develop and apply bioinformatics tools and approaches to identify communities, relevant taxa and associations. Learn and apply machine learning tools to datasets generated during the study; Participate in planning and executing field work on board USM’s Research Vessel Point Sur, and other oceanographic research vessels during 2 -4 week field campaigns
Requirements: A Ph.D. from an accredited college or university in coastal or marine sciences, microbiology, geomicrobiology, biogeochemistry or similar field; Proficiency in laboratory practice, experimental design, laboratory safety procedures

Bristol-Myers Squibb Company; Sevilla, Spain

     Published: March 23, 2023   16:13

Duties: Join a multi-disciplinary team to contribute in both technical and scientific aspects at the interface between biology, chemistry and machine learning; Participate in research projects involving cutting-edge therapeutical strategies such as gene-therapy, targeted protein degradation and other groundbreaking developments of enormous potential; Innovate through the application, development, and integration of state-of-the-art deep learning models to further understand relevant biomolecular interactions with a strong emphasis on interpretability at the molecular structure level
Requirements: PhD in a relevant discipline, such as biochemistry, computer science, biophysics or related fields, accompanied by original research publications. Additional industry or postdoctoral research experience will be valued very positively; Expertise in scripting/programming (e.g. R, Python, C++), data analysis and biological interpretation regarding molecular data (e.g. protein 3D structures, sequence, compound SMILES, etc); Experience in applying or developing machine/deep learning models in the context of 3D macromolecular structures (CNNs, VAEs, graphs, etc), ideally considering aspects of molecular flexibility, dynamics and conformational change

Guardant Health; Seattle, Washington, United States

     Published: March 23, 2023   16:10

Duties: Work with molecular biologists to troubleshoot and analyze verification and validation experiments as part of FDA PMA submissions; Design and develop software tools to automate analytical procedures; Develop and/or apply statistical methods and procedures to describe and validate Guardant’s technologies; Write experimental protocols and reports in collaboration with the technology development group; Propose and present detailed designs and concise, well-written reports to cross-functional teams; Conduct feasibility analyses, including simulations drawing from a rich database of historical test results
Requirements: PhD/Master level with 3+/5+ years related industry experience; Experience with experimental design and associated statistical analysis (e.g., hypothesis testing, regression, hierarchical models, equivalence/non-inferiority); Ability to develop analyses, models, reproducible code, and reports with Python or R; Familiarity with data science software development practices

AbbVie Inc.; Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

     Published: March 23, 2023   15:43

Duties: Integrate multi-omics data to infer context-specific regulatory network for target identification and biomarker selection; Develop the network-based machine learning method to assess the drug combination opportunity based on the internal omics data generated from Abbvie clinical trials; Perform patient stratification for immunological diseases and integrate with clinical trial data to predict personalized treatment; Identify treatment related cell types by integrating single-cell data with internal phamacogenomic data; Communicate analytical approach and results verbally and in writing for scientific and technical audiences; Provide expertise and technical consultation for external collaborations/partnerships in academia and industry
Requirements: PhD, MS or BS in bioinformatics, statistics, mathematics, computer science, computational biology, genomics or a related field with typically 4+ (PhD), 10+ (MS), or 12+ years of experience; A minimum of 3 years of relevant experience working on omics data analysis; Hands on experience in analysis of multi-omics data (e.g. bulk/single-cell RNASeq, proteomics or genetics data); Hands on experience in multi-omics data integration based on the current best-practices (e.g. DIABLO)

Stanford University; Stanford, California, United States

     Published: March 23, 2023   15:36

Duties: Analyze and integrate omics datasets from multiple platforms (single cell RNA sequencing, single cell ATAC-sequencing, multidimensional flow cytometry and metabolomics); Work with a multi-disciplinary team of immunologists, clinicians and bioinformaticians to apply novel and complex statistical approaches to immunological data generated in clinical studies; Contribute to the development of bioinformatics workflows and pipelines; Collaborate with experimental immunologists in the analysis and visualization of omics data; Maintain a database of omics data generated in the lab
Requirements: An MS.C Ph.D. in bioinformatics, computational biology, computer science, or in a relevant biological discipline; Demonstrated experience in bioinformatics research, focusing on transcriptional profiling and predictive modeling; Familiarity with working in a Linux/Unix environment; experience is Linux system administration and hardware configuration is a plus; Experience with development and maintenance of relational databases; Fluency in at least one programming language (R, Python, Perl, Matlab)

Cytel Inc.; France

     Published: March 23, 2023   15:34

Duties: Working as part of a brand new, cutting edge team supporting data analysis & migration projects; Rebuilding study medical data review visualisations; Supporting live and legacy data migration to latest Spotfire version; Serving as team player, with a willingness to go the extra distance to get results, meet deadlines, etc; Being adaptable and flexible when priorities change
Requirements: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, preferably in a scientific discipline such as Statistics, Computer Science, Mathematics, etc; Advanced Data Visualisation tool experience (Spotfire, PowerBI, Tableau); Clinical knowledge and/or knowledge of different data models; Solid experience of CDISC Standards (SDTM/ADaM)

University of California, San Diego (UCSD); La Jolla, California, United States

     Deadline: July 11, 2023 | Published: March 23, 2023   15:33

Duties: The selected candidate(s) will meet and consult with other scientists and researchers to analyze data sets utilizing computational tools. Ideal candidates will develop dynamic simulations, and perform pattern analyses of biological systems in the Ophthalmology field
Requirements: Candidates must have an MD, PhD or MD/PhD in health related areas. Candidates must have the experience in creation of data algorithms and specialized computer software skills to identify and classify components of a biological system, such as DNA and protein sequences

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute; Boston, United States

     Published: March 23, 2023   15:31

Duties: Single cell analysis of tumor samples; Studies of resistance to existing and emerging cancer therapies using patient-derived data; Studies of patient samples for tumor behavior and clinical outcomes; Studies of cancer immunotherapies to develop predictors of response; studies related to germline risk of cancer and inherited predictors of response to therapy
Requirements: A B.S. or M.S. in bioinformatics, mathematical, physical, or computer science, or comparable research experience, together with significant experience in computer programming and computational biological applications; A strong background in statistics and biology and/or cancer biology; Experience in managing and curating large datasets and with machine learning techniques desired; Experience in R and/or Python is preferred

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute; Boston, Massachusetts, United States

     Published: March 23, 2023   15:19

Duties: This individual will work with computational biologists, research technicians, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows to analyze genomic, transcriptomic, and pharmacologic data in a highly collaborative and multi-disciplinary research environment. This experience will enable the candidate to advance their skills in computational methods and cancer biology with an eye toward translational applications for cancer care. The ability to work independently and to master a variety of programming and analytical techniques is essential for this role, as are good organizational and communication skills, a desire to learn new scientific approaches, and the ability to function effectively within a team
Requirements: We are seeking an enthusiastic, responsible, and motivated candidate with a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in a STEM field (Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, Biology, Biochemistry, Bioengineering, or related disciplines), preferably with prior research experience in molecular, cellular, or computational biology

AbbVie Inc.; Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

     Published: March 23, 2023   15:13

Duties: Utilize off-the-shelf and develop bespoke statistical methods to uncover meaningful and actionable scientific findings from omics data (e.g., genomics, transcriptomics, epigenomics, proteomics) from internal clinical and translational activities and from relevant external studies; Partner with clinical development and translational science teams to address key project team questions related to biomarker strategy, drug mechanisms of action, disease subtypes, indication selection, patient stratification, etc, with the appropriate experimental design, analytical approaches, and statistically meaningful results; Conduct necessary quality control checks and data management of large omics and phenotypic datasets; Establish, review and improve relevant computational pipelines, workflows and methodologies; Communicate analytical approach and results verbally and in writing for scientific and technical audiences; Provide expertise and technical consultation for external collaborations/partnersh...
Requirements: PhD, MS or BS in bioinformatics, statistics, mathematics, computer science, computational biology, genomics, or a related field with typically 0+ (PhD), 4-6+ (MS), or 6-8+ (BS) years of experience; Hands on experience in statistical analysis of multi-omics data (e.g. bulk/single-cell RNA-seq, microarray, proteomics or genetics data), longitudinal data, and developing predictive models; Demonstrated ability to provide expertise in state-of-the art statistical methods for differential expression and pathway analysis; Strong verbal and written communication skills, with the ability to effectively convey complex concepts to a diverse group of individuals including computational experts and medical professionals; Fluency in statistical and programing languages (R, Python), Unix/Linux/cloud environment, and SQL and noSQL database query languages

Bristol-Myers Squibb Company; Switzerland

     Published: March 23, 2023   15:12

Duties: Partner with key stakeholders across the company to set and implement a computational genomics bioinformatics strategy; Recruit and develop talent; Set priorities, balance team workload; Communicate effectively to build support for work and align with organization; Ph.D level hands-on seasoned manager with strong understanding in all areas of bioinformatics software development in a cloud computing infrastructure
Requirements: Strong people management skills are essential, including managing Ph. D Level scientists; At least 10 years of experience developing bioinformatics and visualizations tools; Strong scientific background in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and general data analysis and visualization; Deep understanding and hands-on experience managing Unix systems, Network architectures and cloud computing environments, preferably Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Moffitt Cancer Center; Tampa, Florida, United States

     Published: March 23, 2023   15:06

Duties: At Moffitt Cancer Center, we come face-to-face with cancer every day, but we also see courage. And it inspires us to be the safest and best place for cancer care; to bring greater hope to every patient we serve
Requirements: 5 years of experience with Master's Degree or 2 years of experience with PhD in bioinformatics with prior experience in the processing and analysis of next generation DNA sequencing, microarray, comparative genomics, or other high-volume genomics data is required

Baylor College of Medicine (BCM); Houston, Texas, United States

     Published: March 23, 2023   14:59

Duties: Designs and performs experimental studies that directly answer the above research questions, using both in vitro systems and animal models; Collects and analyzes data and presenting at national/international meetings; Prepares manuscripts for publication; Applies for external fellowships; Mentors junior lab members; Establishes new research protocols and procedure; Summarizes research findings and publish results in research journals; Maintains laboratory operations; Supervises research staff
Requirements: MD or Ph.D. in Basic Science, Health Science, or a related field; Experience with large-scale genomic datasets; Prior experience with brain development, and/or cancer cell biology would be an asset

University of Helsinki (UH); Helsinki, Uusimaa, Finland

     Deadline: March 31, 2023 | Published: March 23, 2023   14:52

Duties: We are seeking a postdoctoral researcher to work on a multidisciplinary project that utilizes genomic and medical registry data from over 500 000 individuals and a collection human induce pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) from genetically defined patients and controls. With these resources our goal is to model genetic and cellular processes involved in neuropsychiatric disorders. We are looking for a person for planning, conducting, and supervising multifaceted analysis of genetic and multi-omic data generated from the study participants and human cellular models, including RNA sequencing, and proteomics
Requirements: Candidates should have a PhD in bioinformatics, statistical genetics, applied statistics or mathematics with experience in genetic and/or functional genomics data analysis. We require previous experience and skills in research computing in high-performance cluster computing environment and/or cloud computing. The ideal candidate will have experience in at least one of the aforementioned areas, and a strong interest in the others. Previous experience genetics of neuropsychiatric disorders and/or genomic approaches of in cellular models is considered an advantage

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital; Memphis, Tennessee, United States

     Published: March 23, 2023   14:50

Duties: In this position, the successful candidate will lead the bioinformatics pipeline and develop innovative solutions for analyzing and visualizing omics data related to innate immune signaling projects. The candidate will work both collaboratively and independently on projects within the CoE-III. The candidate will lead cutting-edge computational analyses of omics datasets including proteomics, RNAseq, and microarray data, along with filling other needs as they are identified. The candidate will ensure the highly effective and accessible end results of these projects, as well as the scientific accuracy and robustness
Requirements: Bachelor's degree with 10+ years of relevant post-degree work in bioinformatics, cheminformatics, statistics/computer science (with a background in biological sciences or chemistry)

Mount Sinai Health System; New York, United States

     Published: March 23, 2023   14:39

Duties: Develop novel computational methods and/or application of existing methods for integrating diverse types of molecular multi-scale data; Develop novel statistical models for comparing diverse datasets or network models; Develop novel platforms and pipelines to identify novel therapeutic targets, and to discover biomarkers for drug response, patient stratification; Analyze genomic data including whole genome, whole exome, long read sequencing, RNA-Seq (single cell and bulk), and epigenetic data
Requirements: Ph.D in quantitative sciences; Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Data Science, Computational Biology or Bioinformatics; 4+ years in analyzing large scale genetic and genomic data and statistical modeling; Expertise in statistical methodologies such as predictive modeling and inference, machine learning methods, mixed effects models, multivariate analysis, network construction, etc

Stanford University; Stanford, California, United States

     Published: March 23, 2023   14:38

Duties: Design, recommend and implement modifications to procedures and protocols in support of research projects; Partner with faculty in support of students to teach/demonstrate processes of experiments and the safe operation of equipment; Manage lab safety to protect personnel and environment. Develop the setup and operational procedures of lab equipment, using knowledge of chemicals and other hazards to minimize the likelihood of chemical exposure and/or other hazards. Liaison with EH&S to request services and support for lab operations; Analyze and interpret research data to recognize irregularities and invalid results. Develop statistical models allowing for integration and display of data. Make recommendations based on results
Requirements: Master’s degree in computer science and/or neuroscience; In addition to computational skills, it is desirable if candidate has prior research experience in neuroscience laboratory; Extraordinary interpersonal skills and ability to work as part of a complex, multi-institutional team; Ability to work independently, take initiative and prioritize tasks

University of Helsinki (UH); Helsinki, Uusimaa, Finland

     Deadline: April 3, 2023 | Published: March 23, 2023   14:36

Duties: he teaching duties include face-to-face and online teaching of microbiology and microbial bioinformatics, which include both lecture teaching and exercises. The research field broadly encompasses the various research fields of microbiology, with an emphasis on the application and development of microbial bioinformatics. The appointee is required to have previous experience with microbial bioinformatics methods (including metagenome analysis and whole genome analysis of microbes). Previous experience in the analysis of large datasets (e.g. microbiota, transcriptomes and proteomes) is considered an advantage for the applicant
Requirements: According to the Regulations of the University of Helsinki, an appointee to the position of university lecturer shall hold an applicable doctoral degree and be able to provide high-quality teaching based on research and to supervise theses and dissertations. When assessing the qualifications of applicants for the position of university lecturer attention shall be paid to scientific publications and other research results of academic value. In addition, teaching experience and pedagogical training, the ability to produce learning material, other teaching merits and, if necessary, a teaching demonstration will also be taken into account

Baylor College of Medicine (BCM); Houston, Texas, United States

     Published: March 23, 2023   14:35

Duties: Performs literature search to identify the gap of knowledge in the field of brain control of metabolism; Develops testable hypotheses and designs scientific experiments to test these hypotheses; Collects data, performs bioinformatic analysis of data, and generates graphic presentations of the results; Composes manuscripts, abstracts, posters or PowerPoint presentations for publications or other scientific communications; Provides hands on training to other lab members (e.g. graduate students, summer students and lab staff)
Requirements: A Ph.D. in bioinformatics, quantitative science, computational biology, neuroscience, genetics, molecular biology, pharmacology, or related field; Experience in analyzing high-throughput genomic data and proven skills in at least one programming language (e.g., Perl, Python, R, or C/C++)

Moffitt Cancer Center; Tampa, Florida, United States

     Published: March 23, 2023   14:34

Duties: Communicate clearly and openly, present research results on local and national platforms; Perform independent research; Meet with team leader and members frequently; Build relationships across research disciplines to promote a collaborative research environment
Requirements: MD or PhD in applied mathematics, physics, or a computational discipline; experience in modelling biological systems, with a preference for those with knowledge of cancer

Mount Sinai Health System; New York, United States

     Published: March 23, 2023   14:05

Duties: Develop and lead a variety of bioinformatics analysis projects; Write custom scripts for analysis of genomic data derived from high-throughput techniques; Manage databases, conduct statistical and genomic analysis, and participate in the preparation of manuscripts and presentations; Collaborate with wet-bench biologists and work independently to analyze data derived from several types of projects using microarrays and high-throughput sequencing
Requirements: M.S. in Bioinformatics, Computer Sciences, Statistics or related discipline. PhD. in related field preferred; 4 years of experience in research environment, including 2 years, manipulating large biological datasets; Advanced knowledge of genetics and/or statistics analysis software and online resources. Experience in programming environments such as Matlab, R statistical package, BioConductor, Perl and C++

Moffitt Cancer Center; Tampa, Florida, United States

     Published: March 23, 2023   14:02

Duties: Work with PI on the project planning; design and conduct experiments independently; document and organize the data routinely; Learn and develop research techniques and lab protocols; Develop scientific writing and presentation skills; Work with collaborators and core facility staff on interdisciplinary experiments; Supervise research assistants and graduate students
Requirements: MD or PhD in Cancer Biology, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Genetics or related; Experienced in molecular biology, cell biology and biochemistry techniques including cloning, virus delivery system, CRISPR/Cas9 system, DNA/RNA manipulation, protein purification, and immunoblot; Animal handling, mouse modeling and small animal imaging experience; Basic imaging techniques including immunofluorescence, live color imaging; Basic bioinformatics skills; Previous experience in next-generation sequencing techniques (RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, etc) and/or proteomics is a plus; Previous immunology experience is a plus

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital; Memphis, Tennessee, United States

     Published: March 23, 2023   14:00

Duties: Assist with preparation of project reports, presentations, and manuscript of analysis results, including detailed description of statistical genetic methods; Participate in the development of operations and procedures for the collection, editing, verification and management of data; Run existing routine pipelines for germline SNV/Indel and CNV rare variant pathogenicity classification
Requirements: Bachelor's degree with 7+ years of relevant post-degree work in bioinformatics, cheminformatics, statistics/computer science (with a background in biological sciences or chemistry)

Universitätsspital Basel (USB); Basel, Switzerland

     Published: March 23, 2023   12:23

Workload: 100%
Duties: Durchführung klinischer Visiten mit Studienpatientinnen und-patienten (u.a. Anamnese, klinische Untersuchung, EKG…); Durchführung telefonischer Visiten mit Studienpatientinnen und-patienten inkl. Durchsicht von Patientendossiers; Screening und Planung von Visiten und Datenmanagement; Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten (Erarbeiten wissenschaftlicher Forschungsfragen, Datenanalyse, Schreiben von Publikationen, Präsentieren von wissenschaftlichen Daten); Teaching von medizinischen Doktorandinnen, Doktoranden und Masterstudentinnen und -studenten
Requirements: Abgeschlossenes Medizinstudium; Gute Englisch- und Computerkenntnisse; Grosse Interesse an Forschung sowie internistischen/kardiologischen/herzchirurgischen Themengebiet; Systematische Arbeitsweise sowie gute organisatorischen Fähigkeiten; Analytisches Denken und gute organisatorische Fähigkeiten; Hohe Lernbereitschaft, selbstständige Arbeitsweise, aufgeschlossene Persönlichkeit und Freude an der Arbeit im Team; Ausgeprägte Dienstleistungsorientierung

Universitätsspital Basel (USB); Basel, Switzerland

     Published: March 23, 2023   12:18

Workload: 60-70%
Duties: Durchführung von subjektiven und objektiven audiometrischen Untersuchungen zur Überprüfung des Hörvermögens bei Erwachsenen und Kleinkindern (u.a. Reintonaudiometrie, Sprachaudiometrie, OAE, Impedanzmessung); Bestimmung der Hörschwelle bei Kleinkindern mittels Spiel- und Verhaltensaudiometrie; Ableitung auditorisch und vestibulär evozierter Potenziale bei Kindern und Erwachsenen; Administrative Aufgaben im Bereich Hörimplantate; Patientenempfang
Requirements: Abgeschlossene Ausbildung als medizinische*r Praxisassistent*in (MPA), Akustiker*in, Pädakustiker*in oder Laborant*in mit pädagogischem Hintergrund; Erfahrung in der Audiometrie mit Kleinkindern von Vorteil; Wertschätzender Umgang mit zum Teil kommunikativ eingeschränkten Patientinnen und Patienten sowie die Fähigkeit, sich in einem interdisziplinären Team souverän, kollegial und erfolgreich einzubringen; Ausgeprägte Kommunikations- und Teamfähigkeit sowie selbständige Arbeitsweise; Ausgeprägte Dienstleistungsorientierung

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