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Università degli Studi di Padova; Padova, Italy

Deadline: September 7, 2020 | Published: August 9, 2020   10:26

Duration: 3 y
Duties: To obtain a deep insight on the interaction of NPs with biological entities, we plan to realize libraries of rationally designed NPs to dissect the relevance of single properties by functional comparison. In particular, we plan to focus on: 1) terminal groups exposition, 2) main or side chains exposition, 3) monolayer thickness and stiffness by grafting linear, branched and circular polymers, provided by IC and OUS, to the surface of polymeric NPs. In addition, we plan to explore methods to allow the stimuli responsive modification of the coating properties in order enable a responsive behaviour of the NP. Expected results: NPs libraries with diverse polymer coatings; Innovative biodegradable NPs; Multifunctional NPs with smart/responsive behaviour; Exposure of the whole network to nanotechnology concepts; CHIM/06 - CHIMICA ORGANICA
Minimum Requirements: Early stage researcher or 0-4 yrs (Post graduate)

Università degli Studi di Padova; Padova, Italy

Deadline: September 7, 2020 | Published: August 9, 2020   10:25

Duties: NPs in the body fluids interact with host macromolecules and this strongly influences the NPs host-interaction and efficacy. Among proteins, Ca2/Mg2 dependent complement-derived ones are major protagonists leading to inflammatory mediators and to opsonine deposition. Closely related mammalian species used as preclinical models (e.g. mouse and pigs), evolved differentiated reactivity and organization of Complement and other innate mechanisms, which could negatively impact extrapolations to the human being. The goal of this ESR is extensively mapping the corona composition formed in human and animals sera, according to the coat type and evaluating Ca2/Mg2 dependence to monitor complement activation and abundance
Minimum Requirements: Early stage researcher or 0-4 yrs (Post graduate)

Università degli Studi di Padova; Padova, Italy

Deadline: September 7, 2020 | Published: August 9, 2020   10:25

Duties: Background and objectives: Innate complement triggers, like collectins, can directly bind to NP coats with speciesspecific differences. Collectin-like complement C1q, involved in antibody-dependent complement activation, also directly binds to poly methyl oxazoline coated NPs. Oligomeric collectins are direct opsonine or complement activators, favoring phagocytes/DCs clearance and inflammation. To obtain functional data on their role in our NPs panels, we will produce recombinant oligomers of major collectins (Ficolins, MBLs, C1q and other emerging collectins), from man, mouse and pig. The protein constructs could act as competitive inhibitor (since lacking MASP proteins mediating complement activation) and be used for binding affinity study and detection of proteins on NPs
Minimum Requirements: Early stage researcher or 0-4 yrs (Post graduate)

University of Luxembourg; Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Published: August 9, 2020   10:14

Duties: Liaison with the LCSB research groups and identification of IP and research with partnering and commercialization potential; Support the evaluation of novel IP (marketability, prior art); Market analysis to evaluate commercial potential and market needs; Identification of potential joint activities and projects with internal and external partner; Identification of potential clients and industrial collaboration partners; Liaison and relationship building with external partners; Monitoring of specific markets and industry areas with potential interest in LCSB technologies; Managing the LCSB portfolio of technology offerings and marketing documentation; Advising of inventors w.r.t. marketability and further market-oriented development of technologies and for building strategic IP portfolios; Advising and informing Principal Investigators, researchers, Management, other internal as well as external parties on valorization and partnering opportunities; Support the sustaining of compliance w...
Minimum Requirements: Education/Experience: University degree in the field of technology or life sciences; PhD in the above fields is an asset; Demonstrated professional experience in technology offering and transfer and/or research management, consulting, business strategy; Experience in the public research sector; Knowledge of marketing and communication of science; In-depth understanding of the needs of both start-ups and large corporates as well as public stakeholders; Competencies and skills: Strong interpersonal and communication skills to work in a multicultural environment; Self-starter and self-motivated; Team-player; Excellent organizational skills with attention to detail and accuracy; Diplomatic negotiation style; Quick comprehension of new (scientific) topics and projects; Commitment to continued training and learning; Awareness of the rules and restrictions of both the public research as well as the business world; Proficiency in English and in French and/or German, Luxembourgish is a plus; Ab...

University of Luxembourg; Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Published: August 9, 2020   10:12

Duties: The focus of this PhD project is to characterize the environmental history (pre-industrialization through to present day) and potential exposures in the Minette region, using historical documents and digital history techniques combined with analytical mass spectrometry (HR-MS/MS) and environmental cheminformatics techniques on samples from the region to build bridges between these usually distinct disciplines. The sampling campaign and strategy will be designed in partnership with two other PhD students in LuxTIME, and the results will be transformed and presented to both scientists and the public in a variety of ways. The PhD student will be hosted at the Environmental Cheminformatics group at LCSB under supervision of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emma Schymanski but closely collaborate with the other two LuxTIME PhD students working at C 2 DH and LIST. All three PhD projects will be framed by a larger group of senior researchers from all three institutions, who will participate in workshops and ...
Minimum Requirements: Master’s degree or diploma in environmental/chemical/toxicological/natural sciences or related disciplines, or interdisciplinary training with a strong environmental interest; Hands-on experience in high resolution mass spectrometry analysis will be a strong advantage; Data science training, e.g. knowledge of cheminformatics and chemical databases, mass spectrometry data analysis, literature mining, ontologies etc. will be highly advantageous; High interest in environment history and willingness to work on historical documents; Experience in basic scripting language(s) e.g. R, python, Matlab or willingness to learn; The working language is English; for historical document interpretation detailed knowledge of (or strong willingness to learn) French/German/Luxembourgish will be highly advantageous

Universitäre Psychiatrische Kliniken Basel (UPK); Basel, Switzerland

Published: August 9, 2020   10:11

Department: UPK Basel Klinik für Erwachsene
Workload: 90-100%
Duties: Fachliche, organisatorische, personelle und ökonomische Führung der Abteilung in enger Zusammenarbeit mit der Oberärztlichen Leitung als Tandempartner/in; Sicherstellung einer professionellen Betreuung und Begleitung sowie die Bereitschaft, Voraussetzungen für eine patientenorientierten und dem neuesten Wissensstand sowie psychiatriespezifischen Konzepten entsprechende Pflege zu schaffen; Fördern einer Recovery orientierten Grundhaltung und Gewährleistung der kontinuierlichen fachlichen Entwicklung; Gewährleistung und Übernahme von Bezugspersonenarbeit, des Behandlungsplanes und des elektronischen Pflegeprozesses (NANDA/NOC/NIC); Aktive Mitgestaltung von Gruppentherapien und Spezialangeboten im multiprofessionellen Team; Enge Zusammenarbeit mit Angehörigen und externen Stellen; Unterstützung der Lernenden/Studierenden in der Erreichung ihrer Ausbildungsziele
Minimum Requirements: Diplom als Pflegefachfrau/-mann HF/FH. Bei ausländischen Pflegediplomen ist die SRK Registrierung Voraussetzung. Die Kosten für die Registrierung werden durch die UPK übernommen; Erfahrung in der Arbeit mit Abhängigkeitserkrankten und in der Psychiatrie ist von Vorteil; Sie verfügen über Führungserfahrung, bringen idealerweise eine abgeschlossene Managementweiterbildung oder die Bereitschaft mit, eine solche zu absolvieren; Sie schätzen die Zusammenarbeit in einem multidisziplinären Team und verfolgen eine gemeinsame übergeordnete Zielsetzung, besitzen die Fähigkeit, Entwicklungs- und Veränderungsprozesse zusammen mit einem Team aktiv zu gestalten; Ein hohes Mass an Selbständigkeit, Entscheidungskompetenz und ethisches Verantwortungsbewusstsein sowie die Fähigkeit zur Selbstreflexion runden ihr Profil ab; Worldwide

Published: August 9, 2020   10:11

Duties: Here you find a list of all institutions (universities and companies) with direct links to their jobs site. This is to our knowledge the most comprehensive global list you will find. Additionally, you will find many jobs that are currently not advertised at or elsewise. This is useful, if you definitely want to work in a particular country
Minimum Requirements: If you are working in an institution that wants to be listed and if you are in charge, please contact us. Please contact us if a link is broken

University of New Mexico (UNM); Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States

Published: August 9, 2020   10:04

Duties: The Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, New Mexico invites applications for a full-time Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor. The primary appointment would be in the Department of Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine, Main OR. Successful candidates will join a group of experienced Anesthesiologists
Minimum Requirements: Must hold unrestricted medical license; Must have a M.D. or equivalent; Must be Board Certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology or within three years of residency and active in the certification process; Resident Teaching Experience; Research and Scholarly Activities; Experience Working in Trauma Call Assignments

Universitäts-Kinderspital beider Basel (UKBB); Basel, Switzerland

Published: August 9, 2020   10:04

Workload: 50-100%
Duties: Ihr Fachwissen und Ihre Fähigkeiten können Sie im modernsten universitären Kinderspital der Schweiz einbringen. Sie arbeiten im Bereich Infektprävention und Spitalhygiene mit ärztlicher Unterstützung durch die Infektiologie und leisten Beiträge zur Qualitätsentwicklung und Qualitätssicherung in den Behandlungsprozessen und in der ganzen Institution
Minimum Requirements: Eine abgeschlossene Berufsausbildung als Dipl. Pflegefachperson; Eine abgeschlossene Zusatzausbildung als Fachexpert/-in für Infektprävention und Spitalhygiene; Erfahrung in Projektarbeit; Flair für Informatik; Engagement, Initiative und Freude Qualitätsprozesse einzuleiten und zu begleiten; Selbstständigkeit und Verantwortungsbewusstsein; Hohe Sozialkompetenz; Flexible und belastbare Persönlichkeit, welche sich engagiert in ein Team integrieren kann

CeMM Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences; Wien, Austria

Published: August 9, 2020   10:02

Duties: Development and execution of complex library preparation protocols (manually and/or with automated robotic systems); Next generation sequencing on Illumina (NovaSeq, HiSeq 4000, NextSeq, Miseq, etc.) and nanopore (PromethION) machines; Optimization and testing of new protocols, e.g. cancer genomics, single-cell sequencing, and epigenome profiling; Troubleshooting of technical problems in the sample preparation and sequencing workflows; Contribution to lab management, training of new lab members, and scientific publications; Coordination of the Biomedical Sequencing Facility’s contribution to local, national, and/or international research projects; Customer support and productive interaction with researchers with diverse backgrounds (e.g. biology, medicine, bioinformatics); We ask for a time commitment of at least 3 years (candidates considering a PhD should apply instead to the CeMM PhD Program)
Minimum Requirements: Solid academic background (typically Master or PhD) with strong wet-lab experience working with DNA-related technologies; High accuracy, reliability, precision under time pressure, and organizational skills; Very strong motivation and commitment, proactive mindset, getting-things-done attitude; Prior experience working with next generation sequencing is mandatory; proven expertise in technology development is a plus; Prior experience in a core facility, molecular diagnostics laboratory, or biotechnology company is also a plus (but not mandatory); Friendly, collaborative mindset, ability to multi-task and to work effectively in an international environment; Written and oral communication skills in English (German language skills are not required); Dedication and commitment to high-quality service provision, serving biomedical researchers across a broad range of topics/projects; Motivation to work in one of the fastest-moving and most future-oriented areas of biomedicine

Nazarbayev University (NU); Astana, Akmola Region, Kazakhstan

Published: August 9, 2020   09:58

Workload: 100%
Duties: The School of Engineering and Digital Sciences invites applications for a full-time Head of Chemical and Materials Engineering Department, providing academic leadership in all aspects of its operations, in the academic programs in terms of the bachelor and master program in Chemical and Materials Engineering and in the contribution of the Department to research through the PhD programs of the School. Further resources are expected to be injected in support for both undergraduate teaching and research for the School of Engineering and Digital Sciences. The Head of the CHME Department will be responsible for guiding and overseeing the Department to ascertain excellence in both learning and teaching as well as research within the Department. The Head of Department manages the academic staff and teaching assistants and is the primary responsible person for human resource management. In view of the expansion of the Department and the School, the Head of Department will be involved heavily i...
Minimum Requirements: PhD degree from a reputed university in Chemical and Materials Engineering or a closely related field. The successful candidate should have significant academic leadership capabilities and possesses strong communication and interpersonal skills. He/she should demonstrate relevant experience in academic program development. The Head of Department is encouraged to participate in research and teaching activities

European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN); Genève, Switzerland

Published: August 8, 2020   11:03

Duties: If you are a student looking to complete practical training in domains related to Material and Surface Science or Chemical Engineering, you will have the opportunity to work at the cutting edge of technology, contribute and broaden your knowledge in areas as varied as mechanical testing of materials, magnetic measurements, metallography, surface treatment, optical and electronic microscopy, X-ray diffraction or radiochemistry to name but a few
Minimum Requirements: In order to qualify for a place on the programme you will need to meet the following requirements: You are a national of a CERN Member or Associate Member State; You have completed at least 18 months of your undergraduate studies (Bachelor or Master’s) at the time of the next student selection taking place in December 2020. Please note that PhD students are not eligible for this programme; You can stay for at least 4 and at most 12 months remaining registered as a full-time student; You have a good knowledge of English OR French

Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH (AIT); Wien, Austria

Published: August 8, 2020   11:00

Duties: You will be responsible for operating a FTIR coupled GCMS including data collection and interpretation; You will develop processes for large data processing and evaluate organic electrolyte decomposition; You conduct post-mortem analysis after electrochemical testing; You will communicate results in discussion with scientific personnel and scientific reports; Within the research project you will work/interact with different experts in the fields of electrochemistry, material science and chemical engineering
Minimum Requirements: Master degree in the field of electrochemistry, material science or battery related fields; Good knowledge in chromatographic techniques and electrochemistry; Interested in the conception of scientific studies; High level of commitment and team spirit; Very good communication, presentation and writing skills in English

Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI); Villigen, Aargau, Switzerland

Deadline: September 30, 2020 | Published: August 8, 2020   10:59

Duties: Investigate the single and competitive adsorption behaviour of transition metals and lanthanides on natural and synthetic clay minerals. Use highly complementary methods like wet chemistry, thermodynamic modelling, EXAFS spectroscopy, and additional techniques like TEM, AFM, XRD and FTIR. Collaborate with renowned European research institutions: Institut des Sciences de la Terre (Grenoble); European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (Grenoble) and Institute of Chemistry of Materials and Media (Poitiers).Communicate your scientific results in peer-reviewed journals, workshops and conferences
Minimum Requirements: Master degree in Chemistry, Mineralogy, Earth or Environmental Sciences or a related field. Good communication skills in English and easy adaptation to multidisciplinary, international working environments. Affinity for laboratory work and thermodynamic modelling

AO Foundation; Paoli, Wayne, Pennsylvania, United States

Published: August 8, 2020   10:58

Workload: 100%
Duties: The purpose of the role of the CTAP Instructional Designer is to translate the identified learning objectives into a sound educational plan for each CTAP module: Learning activities and assessment questions are defined and designed in line with AO principles and incorporating best practices from medical education research, to maximize the impact and the learner experience
Minimum Requirements: Master's degree or PhD in (Medical) Education or in Instructional Design Several years of experience as instructional designer Excellent communication skills. Experience with non-profit organizations is a plus Experience leading large projects that include several learning interactions and levels of learning, delivered through different formats Track record in project management English native speaker Willingness to travel Workplace: remote job in North America

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (N.C. A&T); Greensboro, North Carolina, United States

Published: August 8, 2020   10:50

Duties: The primary responsibilities for this tenure track position include teaching undergraduate level courses, graduate courses (as applicable), conducting research, student advising, student mentoring and recruitment, curriculum development, conducting scholarly activities and all other activities required for tenure. Other responsibilities include, but are not limited to, engaging in accreditation procedures, program assessment and service to the department, College and University as needed
Minimum Requirements: Candidates must have an earned doctorate in Animal Science, Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.), or a closely related field. Previous experience with swine production, research is preferred. Additional qualities include knowledge of agriculture, animal breeding, reproductive physiology, molecular biology, nutrition and/or background in animal genetics

Masaryk University; Brno, South Moravian Region, Czech Republic

Deadline: August 31, 2020 | Published: August 8, 2020   10:49

Duties: The project goal is to understand the role of noncoding RNAs in the regulation of microenvironmental interactions in B cell malignancies. The lab is deciphering novel mechanisms of BCR signaling regulation mediated by microenvironmental signals, CD20, p53, and the signals from T cells (Pavlasova et al. Blood, 2016; Pavlasova et al. Leukemia, 2018). We showed for the first time that non-coding RNAs, namely microRNAs (miRNAs), regulate the BCR signaling which opened an interesting field of research (Musilova et al. Blood, 2018; Mraz et al. Blood, 2014; Cerna et al. Leukemia, 2018). Now we would like to reveal the role of lncRNAs in BCR signaling and other microenvironmental interactions of leukemias
Minimum Requirements: Candidates should have PhD degree (or expected within 3 months of applying) in Molecular biology, Oncology, Biochemistry, or similar field; The Post-Doc position is for 2-4 years. Post-Doc position will start in 2020 (negotiable). Apply as soon as possible; The position is NOT associated with any teaching obligations; We welcome applications from all national (Czech) and international applicants

Masaryk University; Brno, South Moravian Region, Czech Republic

Deadline: August 31, 2020 | Published: August 8, 2020   10:48

Duties: The project goal is to understand the molecular machinery that regulates the migration of malignant B cells between different niches such as lymphoid and bone marrow niche and peripheral blood. This is of great interest, especially in chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). In CLL, but also in other lymphomas, the malignant B cells permanently re-circulate from peripheral blood to lymph nodes and back, and blocking this recirculation can be used therapeutically since malignant B cell depent on signals in immune microenvironment. However, the factors that regulate this are mostly unclear. The lab established several models for in vitro and in vivo studies of microenvironmental interactions and their interplay (unpublished in vivo model; Pavlasova et al. Blood, 2016; Pavlasova et al. Leukemia, 2018; Musilova et al. Blood, 2018; Mraz et al. Blood, 2014; Cerna et al. Leukemia, 2018)
Minimum Requirements: Candidates should have PhD degree (or expected within 3 months of applying) in Molecular biology, Oncology, Biochemistry, or similar field; The Post-Doc position is for 2-4 years. Post-Doc position will start in 2020 (negotiable). Apply as soon as possible; The position is NOT associated with any teaching obligations; We welcome applications from all national (Czech) and international applicants

University of Queensland (UQ); Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Deadline: August 16, 2020 | Published: August 8, 2020   10:48

Duties: This scholarship is designed to foster the career aspirations of a female applicant, passionate about a career within Molecular Bioscience. Named after the Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB)’s former Director, Prof Brandon Wainwright, the award not only provides a generous stipend and additional support funds to facilitate career initiatives, it also comes with mentorship and guidance to assist the successful applicant to reach their full potential in terms of pursuing a longstanding career in research
Minimum Requirements: The scholarship is open to all domestic female PhD applicants, who have a nominated Principal Advisor (PA) and project, which is based at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB). The successful applicant must demonstrate excellent oral and written communication skills, outstanding academic performance and strong research potential relative to opportunity. You will have and a passion for a career within research and an interest in community engagement

European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN); Genève, Switzerland

Published: August 8, 2020   10:45

Duration: 1-6 m
Duties: One of CERN’s key missions is education. Our professionals very much enjoy sharing their knowledge and expertise with students who are committed and passionate about their chosen field. If you’re an undergraduate in the technical or administrative fields and you’re looking to spend a few months training “on-the-job”, imagine doing your internship at CERN in Geneva. An impressive addition to your CV! We offer a limited number of places throughout 2020 in our practical training programme, with a duration of 1 to maximum 6 months geared towards your particular field of study. How about it?
Minimum Requirements: You are a full-time student at undergraduate (post-secondary) level and are at least 18 years of age; Please note that candidates who are currently studying for a PhD are not eligible for this programme; Your main field of study is in one of the following areas: applied physics, computing, mathematics, electricity, electronics, mechanical or civil engineering, instrumentation, materials science, radiation protection, safety and environmental protection, surveying, ultra-high vacuum, scientific communication. A very limited number of places may be available in administrative fields such as: translation, advanced secretarial work, accounting, legal services, human resources, librarianship, logistics; Your work at CERN must be an obligatory or recommended part of your studies; You will be returning to your educational establishment after completion of your stay at CERN; You have a good knowledge of English and/or French; Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Liechtenstein

Published: August 8, 2020   10:45

Duties: Lesen Sie zuerst ein Buch von 1000 Seiten, um herauszufinden, wie man sich bewirbt? Nein! In diesem kurzen Text ist alles Wesentliche zusammengefasst: Stelle finden, Stelle erhalten, Stelle behalten, Überbrückung, wenn es schwieriger wird. ... Im weiteren sollte man folgende Fragen stellen, falls im Verlauf des Gesprächs nicht beantwortet: Wie wird man eingearbeitet? Wie sieht ein "normaler" Arbeitstag aus (falls in wissenschaftlichem Bereich tätig: wie viel ist Routine, wieviel herausfordernde geistige Tätigkeit)? Welche Mittel werden Ihnen für die Erreichung der Ziele zur Verfügung gestellt? Wie viele Mitarbeiter sind zu führen? Was geschah mit dem vorherigen Stelleninhaber? Wie sind die Arbeitszeiten geregelt (Jahresarbeitszeit, Wochenarbeitszeit)? Wieviel Reisetätigkeit ist mit der Arbeit verbunden? Auslandaufenthalte? Wieviel Unterstützung kann man bei der Weiterbildung erwarten (freie Zeit dazu)?
Minimum Requirements: Überbrückung, wenn es schwieriger wird: Allfällige Publikationen noch fertig machen, welche aufgeschoben? Habilitation? Lehrerausbildung? Lehrbuch schreiben; Sprachen lernen; IT-Kenntnisse lernen/Statistikpaket lernen (eventuell kann man das noch eingeschrieben kostengünstig an der Uni); Aktuarsausbildung beschleunigt beenden (Vorlesungen an Hochschulen dazu); Lehrtätigkeit an Berufs-/Kantonsschulen, FH, Unis, auch für Übungen/Tutorate; Maturaexperte; Gutachtertätigkeit; EU und SNF-Projekte, andere? Personaldienstleistern anbieten als Experte bei Beurteilung von Fachkenntnissen; wegen Kontakten: Beitritt zu standespolitischen Organisationen? Dipl/Dr-Arbeiten betreuten helfen; Kostenlose Praktika oder bei Kollegen anfragen, welche kleine Firma haben (eigenes Profitcenter); eventuell auch aus dem Ausland wo Lebenshaltungskosten tief sind (inkl Sprachen lernen)

Placement through Waelti Partners AG; Switzerland

Published: August 8, 2020   06:44

Duties: Working from home (during COVID19 pandemic), later on according to customer’s return to office policy, manage and support complex Medical Affairs (MA) projects, incl. organizing and managing cross-functional project teams and their meetings, agendas, minutes etc., (supervision of) vendor management incl. contract and budget oversight, tracking of project progress and deliverables vs. plan, process optimization, training, internal and external publicity, communication plan, assuring the seamless integration into the overall MA services and deliveries; As part of the group’s European HQ team and reporting to the Executive Director Medical Affairs Europe, deliver projects across the portfolio, incl. Hemato-Oncology and Solid Tumors/IO; Manage and support specific tasks as may depend on the individual project’s scope. In general, responsibilities will cover the overall scope of the project which may be limited to region Europe or extend to an international or global nature. Responsib...
Minimum Requirements: MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences, (Bio)Chemistry, Biology or a related field; At least 3 years’ experience in a similar role in the biotech or pharmaceutical industry; Specific experience in compassionate use or pre-reimbursement access programs would be a plus; Proven track record in all aspects of project management, incl. planning, contracting, setup, execution, as well as budget management. Ability to manage projects and/or colleagues in the successful implementation of business-critical projects, even if remotely; Prior experience in clinical study drug supply or expanded access supply is of advantage; Fluent in English (written and spoken); other European languages are an advantage; Proficient in MS Office, confident to set up and conduct meetings virtually e.g. via Zoom or MS Teams; High level of communication (written and verbal), interpersonal, organizational, and cross functional collaboration skills. Impactful verbal and written communication skills; High flexibility; strong...

Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn; Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

Deadline: September 30, 2020 | Published: August 8, 2020   06:42

Duties: Wir bieten eine Ausbildung an einem überregional tätigen Perinatalzentrum Level I. Interdisziplinäre Kooperation im Rahmen des Schwerpunktes Perinatalmedizin (Pränatale Diagnostik, Fetale Medizin und Fetalchirurgie, Herzzentrum, pränatale Beratung). Klinische Schwerpunkte sind: Versorgung aller angeborenen Fehlbildungen einschliesslich angeborener Herzfehler, Mehrlinge, intrauterine Wachstumsrestriktion, extrem unreife Frühgeborene. Der Bereich verfügt über modernste neonatologische intensivmedizinische Behandlungsmöglichkeiten inklusive ECMO und eine Langzeit-Nachsorge-Einrichtung. Kooperation in zahlreichen Forschungsprojekten und die Möglichkeit zur Habilitation sind gegeben
Minimum Requirements: Facharzt*ärztin oder mindestens vierjährige Weiterbildung in Pädiatrie; Team- und interdisziplinäre Kooperationsfähigkeit

Maastricht University (UM); Maastricht, Limburg, Netherlands

Deadline: September 30, 2020 | Published: August 8, 2020   06:41

Duties: Maastricht University, campus Venlo is looking for a PhD candidate for the project: Assessing the safety of food packaging materials. As part of the circular economy, there are many initiatives to convert waste into raw materials, to recycle plastic, metal and paper, and to convert biomass into bioplastics. In the promotion of the re-use of (waste) substances and the better use of biomass, more and more, plastic, paper and cardboard are recycled and used as food packaging material. These materials contain all kinds of chemical additives, such as lubricants, plasticizers, stabilizers, UV absorbers, colorants and inks, which can migrate into the food and thereby affect food safety. Exposure to these chemicals could lead to public health risks. Approximately 6000 chemical compounds in food packaging materials have been identified that could migrate into the food, of which 77% was not assed for hazard properties. Since we do not know these hazardous properties and the migration speeds of t...
Minimum Requirements: We are looking for a PhD-candidate with the following qualifications: MSc. in Biomedical Sciences, Molecular Life Sciences or a related field; You have a solid theoretical background in- and affinity with cell biology and biochemistry; hands-on experience with standard molecular techniques such as: PCR; Cloning; RT-PCR; Western blotting, and; Immunocytochemistry; An independent team player; Strong communication skills in Dutch and English; Ability to work effectively within a challenging multidisciplinary research environment

Universitätsspital Basel (USB); Basel, Switzerland

Published: August 8, 2020   06:40

Workload: 80%
Duties: Selbstständige Betreuung von klinischen Studien gemäss ICH-GCP-Richtlinien; Planung, Durchführung und Dokumentation von Studienvisiten bei Patienten mit chronischen neurologischen Erkrankungen; Verabreichung und Überwachung von oralen Studienmedikamenten und Durchführung von medikamentösen Infusionen; Mithilfe bei Untersuchungen und therapeutischen Massnahmen (im Rahmen der Studienvisite); Interdisziplinäre Zusammenarbeit und Koordination mit beteiligten Abteilungen (Labor, Radiologie, Spitalpharmazie, Dermatologie, Augenklinik und weitere)
Minimum Requirements: Abgeschlossene Ausbildung als Dipl. Pflegefachperson; Mindestens zwei Jahre Erfahrung in der Durchführung und Organisation von klinischen Studien nach ICH-GCP; Versierter Umgang mit aktuellen Softwareapplikationen (MS-Office, eCRF, IVRS); Selbstständige, verantwortungsbewusste und exakte Arbeitsweise; Hohes Mass an Flexibilität und Engagement; Sehr gute Englisch- und Deutschkenntnisse in Wort und Schrift (Niveau C1/B2) sowie gute Französischkenntnisse in Wort und Schrift; Ausgeprägte Dienstleistungsorientierung und Teamfähigkeit

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