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Position: PhD Research Fellow in Evolution of Neurotransmitter Receptors
Institution: University of Bergen
Location: Bergen, Hordaland, Norway
Duties: Work in the Lynagh group focuses on the evolution, function, and pharmacology of ligand-gated ion channels, receptors that mediate rapid communication between neurons, using molecular phylogenetics, mutagenesis, chemical biology, and electrophysiology. We currently plan to identify and characterize certain families of such receptors in marine invertebrates and compare them to homologous receptors from other animals, including human, with a view to establish novel evolutionary and pharmacological principles. In this PhD project, the candidate will perform electrophysiological experiments, various molecular biology and biochemistry, cell culture, and possibly microscopy and animal maintenance
Requirements: Applicants must hold a master's degree or equivalent education in neuroscience or biomedical science (or similar); Experience in experimental analysis of protein structure-function is a requirement; Experience in either two-electrode voltage clamp or patch clamp is a requirement; Experience in molecular biology (e.g. site-directed mutagenesis) is an advantage
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