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Position: Postdoc positions within ERC project: "Perceptually-Driven Optimizations of Graphics Content for Novel Displays&#034
Institution: Università della Svizzera italiana
Location: Lugano, Ticino, Switzerland
Duties: The goal of the project is to develop new content adaptation and generation techniques for future displays, such that the displayed images closely match the capabilities of novel display devices as well as the requirements of human perception. The approach should assure that the computational resources are not wasted for generating content which is irrelevant to observers, and guarantee the highest perceived quality possible. We would like to focus on the newly emerging display technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality displays which allow for addressing all visual cues available in the real world
Requirements: Ph.D. degree in computer science or a reasearch field closely related to the project
Text: neZ dLspOa\\ tecKnoOoJLes LmaJe/vLdeo processLnJ 3D prLntLnJ computatLonaO fabrLcatLon and Kuman perceptLon. :e focus on pubOLsKLnJ at tKe top compute r JrapKLcs and computer vLsLon venues. Man\\ of our ZorNs Kave been presented as tecKnLc aO papers at tKe ACM SI**RAP conference serLes. :e e[pect tKe candLdates to contrLb ute to tKLs success. TKe Jroup Kas severaO onJoLnJ coOOaboratLons ZLtK ZorOd-OeadLnJ res earcK centers LncOudLnJ MIT arvard UnLversLt\\ of Toronto Adobe S\\stems NvLdLa and Ma[ POancN InstLtute. TKe future Jroup members are e[pected to ta Ne an actLve part Ln tKese actL vLtLes. TKe FacuOt\\ of InformatLcs at UnL versLtà deOOa SvL]]era LtaOLan Ls defLned b\\ Lts passLon for scLentLfLc researcK. Around 200 top researcKers from around tKe ZorOd conduct researcK Ln severaO computer scLence a ss francs Ln competLtLve fundLnJ obtaLned to date. Over t researcK centers Ln SZLt]erOand and an LnternatLonaO poLnt of r eference Ln man\\ fLeOds. More LnformatLon about tKe facuOt\\: Kttps://ZZZ.Lnf.usL.cK/en. More LnformatLon about tKe posLtLons and tKe Jroup: contact: pLotr.dLd @usL.cK vLsLt: Kttps://ZZZ.pdf.Lnf.usL.cK/
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