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Position: Postdoctoral Training Fellow - Bioinformatics
Institution: Francis Crick Institute
Location: London, United Kingdom
Duties: To work within the bioinformatics team of the Turajlic lab, and collaborating groups at Francis Crick Institute and beyond, including academic and industry partners; To conduct analyses of genomic and transcriptomic data, using established pipelines; To analyse multi-region sequencing data, identifying somatic mutations, copy number aberrations and reconstructing phylogenetic trees; To employ novel informatics methods to apply to cell-free and single cell data including in-situ transcriptomics; To liaise and coordinate between the project collaborators which include clinicians, cancer biologists, machine learning experts and mathematical modellers
Requirements: PhD in bioinformatics or a relevant discipline; Prior experience in cancer genomics would be preferred; Fluent in shell scripting and at least one of the following programming languages: R or Python; Excellent general computational skills; Understanding of mathematics and statistics; Evidence of independent and original contribution to research; Ability to manage projects setting timelines, analysing, presenting and writing up the conclusions
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