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Position: Postdoctoral Research Associate
Institution: Durham University
Location: Durham, United Kingdom
Duties: To develop mathematical methods to study the dimer model or closely related models; To carry out first class research and present their work at seminars, both internally and externally, and at international conferences and will publish results in international scientific journals and open access electronic archives; To plan and manage their own research activity and resources in collaboration with others and contribute to the planning of the research project; To prepare and deliver presentations on research outputs/activities to audiences which may include: research sponsors, academic and non-academic audiences; To publish high quality outputs, including papers for submission to peer reviewed journals under the direction of the Grant-holder; To conduct individual and collaborative research projects under the direction of the Grant-holder; To understand and convey material of a specialist or highly technical nature to the team or group of people through presentations and discussions; To work with the Grant-holder and other colleagues in the research group, as appropriate, to identify areas for research, develop Tnew research methods and extend the research portfolio
Requirements: A PhD (or be close to submission) in mathematics or a related subject; Experience in conducting high quality academic research; Demonstrable ability to write material of a quality commensurate with publication in highly-ranked journals; Demonstrable ability to present research papers at international conferences and communicate complex information to specialists and within the wider academic community; Experience in mathematical research connected to the dimer model, including probability, algebraic combinatorics, statistical mechanics or random matrix theory
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