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Position: Math-jobs.com-Category «Numerical Analysis/Scientific Computing/OR» split up into «Theory/Methods» versus «Applications» on our sites and mailing list
Institution: www.acad.jobs
Location: Worldwide
Duties: As the number of jobs has dramatically increased in the category of «Numerical Analysis/Scientific Computing/OR», we split it up into «Theory/Methods» versus «Applications». If you are already on our mailing lists, we left you by default in both categories. You can leave it this way, or you can continue reading at the right to find out new options
Requirements: Our suggestion: click here, find links to the 2 new categories. Click on them and decide, whether you wish to be in them both, or only one of them. You can alter the settings of the mailings you receive. And why not inform your friends about this site with extremely tailored filter features and more than 1000 jobs in Maths and Stats?
Text: www.math-jobs.com (part of www.acad.jobs ) has split up its category «Numerical Analysis/Scientific Computing/OR» into «Theory/Methods» versus«Applications».Here you see «Theory/Methods»: www.acad.jobs/Jobs/Mathematics-Statistics/All-Countries/287-Numerical-Analysis-Scientific-Computing-OR-Theory-Methods (mainly in Maths/Stats departments at universities)Here you see «Applications»: www.acad.jobs/Jobs/Mathematics-Statistics/All-Countries/288-Numerical-Analysis-Scientific-Computing-OR-Applications (mainly outside the Maths/Stats departments at universities (non-academic sector or in the academic sector outside the Maths/Stats departments))Here you can alter your email-settings: www.acad.jobs/Mailing_List
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