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Position: Postdoctoral Research Associate
Institution: Durham University
Location: Durham, United Kingdom
Duties: To play an active role in the research activity of the Mathematical and Theoretical Particle Physics Group; To understand and convey material of a specialist nature through discussions and presentations within the Group; To conduct individual and collaborative research projects under the direction of the Principal Investigator; To publish research outputs in internationally leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and open-access electronic archives; To present research outputs at seminars and international workshops and conferences, as well to broader audiences; To work with the Principal Investigator and other members of the Group to identify new areas for research, as appropriate; To help address problems that may affect research outputs by discussing with the Principal Investigator and offering creative or innovative solutions; To make new contacts that develop knowledge and understanding and to form relationships for potential future research collaboration; To plan and manage own research activity, research resources in collaboration with others and contribute to the planning of research projects
Requirements: A PhD in Theoretical Physics or a related subject. It is expected that candidates will have submitted their PhD by the start date of the position; Experience in conducting high quality academic research in areas closely related to the research project "Quantum Symmetries in String Theory."; Demonstrable the ability to write material of a quality commensurate with publication in highly ranked journals; Demonstrable the ability to present results and communicate research ideas both to specialists and within the wider academic community; Demonstrate the ability to respond to new developments in the field of research
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