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Position: Graduate Teaching Assistant
Institution: Johannes Kepler Universität Linz
Department: Institute of Industrial Mathematics
Location: Linz, Oberösterreich, Austria
Duties: Participation in the development of mathematical methods and software for the instruments of the Extremely Large Telescope; Participation in the main research fields of the institute, in particular in Inverse Problems; Participation in industrial cooperations of the institute; Teach high quality university level classes; Opportunity to complete a doctoral/habilitation dissertation
Requirements: The successful candidate must hold a Master’s degree or a Doctorate/Ph.D. degree in Mathematics or a corresponding discipline; Expertise in applied mathematics, particularly in the field of inverse problems; Successful publication record
Text: As thethethe largest largestlargest institutioninstitutioninstitution institutioninstitutioninstitutioninstitutioninstitution institution of research research research andandand education educationeducationeducationeducationeducation in Upper UpperUpper Austria,Austria,Austria, Austria, thethethe Johannes JohannesJohannes JohannesJohannes KeplerKepler Kepler Kepler University University University Linz Linz hashas overover over 20,000 20,000 20,000 enrolledenrolledenrolled enrolled enrolled studentsstudentsstudentsstudentsstudentsstudentsstudentsstudents andandand 3,300 3,3003,300 employees. employees.employees. employees. The The JKU’ s fourfourfourfour facultiesfaculties facultiesfaculties offer offer over over 70 academic academic academic degreedegree degree programs.programs. programs. programs. programs. We are looking lookinglookinglookinglooking to strengthen strengthenstrengthenstrengthen strengthenstrengthenstrengthen our our teamteam team at the Faculty Faculty Faculty of Engineering Engineering EngineeringEngineering Engineering EngineeringEngineering and and NaturalNaturalNaturalNaturalNatural Sciences SciencesSciences andandand announceannounceannounceannounce announceannounceannounce an immediate immediateimmediateimmediate immediate jobjob opening openingopeningopening opening forforfor Graduate Graduate Teaching TeachingTeachingTeaching AssistantAssistantAssistantAssistant Assistant (must (must(must hold a Diploma/Master’s Diploma/Master’s Diploma/Master’s Diploma/Master’s Diploma/Master’s degree)degree)degree) degree)degree) or a University UniversityUniversityUniversityUniversity University University AssistantAssistantAssistantAssistant Assistant (must (must(must hold a Doctorate/Ph.D. Doctorate/Ph.D. Doctorate/Ph.D.Doctorate/Ph.D. Doctorate/Ph.D. Doctorate/Ph.D. Doctorate/Ph.D. degree) degree) degree)degree)degree) for for a full full -time, time, four four -yearyearyearyear positionposition position at the the Institute Institute Institute Institute of Industrial Industrial Industrial Industrial MathematicsMathematicsMathematics MathematicsMathematicsMathematicsMathematics Mathematics (Univ.(Univ. (Univ.(Univ.(Univ. Prof.Prof. Dr. Ronny Ronny Ronny Ramlau) Ramlau)Ramlau) Reference Number 3917 JobJob Duties: Duties: Duties:Duties: ◼ Participation ParticipationParticipationParticipation Participation ParticipationParticipationParticipation Participation in thethethe developmentdevelopmentdevelopment developmentdevelopment developmentdevelopment of mathemat mathematmathemat mathematicalicalical methods methodsmethods and and software softwaresoftwaresoftwaresoftware software forforfor thethethe instruments instrumentsinstrumentsinstruments instruments of the Extremely Extremely Extremely Large Telescope Telescope TelescopeTelescope ◼ Participation ParticipationParticipationParticipation Participation ParticipationParticipationParticipation Participation in thethethe mainmain research research research fieldsfields fieldsfields of the the institute, institute, institute,institute,institute,institute,institute, in particularparticular particularparticular particularparticular in Inverse Inverse Problems Problems Problems Problems ◼ Participation ParticipationParticipationParticipation Participation ParticipationParticipationParticipation Participation in industrial industrialindustrialindustrialindustrialindustrial cooperationscooperations cooperationscooperations cooperations cooperationscooperations cooperations of the the instituteinstituteinstitute institute instituteinstituteinstitute ◼ Teach Teach Teach highhigh -qualityqualityquality qualityquality universityuniversityuniversityuniversity university-level classesclasses ◼ OpportunityOpportunityOpportunityOpportunity OpportunityOpportunityOpportunityOpportunityOpportunity to completecomplete completecompletecomplete complete a doctoral/habilitationdoctoral/habilitation doctoral/habilitation doctoral/habilitationdoctoral/habilitationdoctoral/habilitationdoctoral/habilitationdoctoral/habilitation doctoral/habilitationdoctoral/habilitation doctoral/habilitation dissertationdissertation dissertation dissertationdissertationdissertationdissertation Your Qualification: ◼ The successful candidate must hold a Master’s degree or a Doctorate/Ph.D. degree in Mathematics or a corresponding discipline ◼ Expertise in applied mathematics, particularly in the field of inverse problems ◼ Successful publication record The minimum salary in accordance with the collective agreement is € 2,864.50 gross per month for the position as a Graduate Teaching Assistant holding a Diploma/Master’s degree (14 x per year, CA Job Grade: B1) or € 3,803.90 gross per month for the position as a University Assistant holding a Doctorate/Ph.D. degree (14 x per year, CA Job Grade: B1). For questions, please contact Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ronny Ramlau T +43 732 2468 4101, E-Mail: Application Deadline: 30.09.2019. The Johannes Kepler University wishes to increase the proportion of academic female faculty and, for this reason, especially welcomes applications by qualified women. If applicants are equally qualified, a woman will be given preference for this position. The university welcomes applications from qualified applicants with physical disabilities. These applications will be given special consideration. Prospective applicants interested in the multifaceted position are requested to electronically send an application in adherence to the stated criteria together with the requested documentation via our online portal or to the Johannes Kepler University Linz, Department of Human Resource Management, Altenberger Strasse 69, A-4040 Linz. Please include “Job Reference Number 3917” in your application.
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